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Fashion Trends


Fashion is a commonly used term to describe the style of clothing prevalent at a specific time. In essence, fashion defines the trend in accessories and clothes that is followed by the majority of people at a certain period of time. It has the influence to make a social statement and transforms the image of a person. It is the tendency of a specific group of people to wear definite types of clothes or accessories. Largely, a fashion trend is the direction, in which the fashion is moving as determined by several factors in play (Lynch 23). Although fashion changes over time, the key problem is what effects fashion trends. Some of the factors that cause fashion trends include: prevailing economic conditions, dominant lifestyles in a society, fashion designers, and world events.

Background Information on Fashion Trends

A fashion trend often remains prevalent for some months or even a couple of years, before another trend comes into existence. There are frequent changes in the fashion of the day, as fashion styles keep on evolving on a regular basis. Yet, there are quite a few people, who are not ready to accept these changes in fashion.

A fad is a fashion trend that comes and disappears out of the map in a short while. The fashionable clothing is mostly ornamented with different types of materials that enhance its appearance. The enhancing materials used for this purpose are known as accessories. Currently, fashion is used to highlight the whole look of a person, which includes footwear, accessories, and jewellery.

Unfortunately, fashion can also have a devastating effect on the appearance of someone, especially women. Currently, clothes are generally tiny, as compared to clothes of about 20 years ago. They are shrinking at a disturbing rate; hence, making most women look like prostitutes.

The way fashion changes reflects how culture changes or the society progresses. For example, in the 1960s, mini-skirts were very popular among the teenagers. This implied that females were becoming more liberal in their clothing and developed certain attitudes towards sex. Our fashion keeps on changing with technological advancement and attitudes change in a society (Vinken 36).

Mostly, teenagers are the ones, who follow fashion trends. For example, when a new clothing line is introduced on the fashion runaway and beauty pageants, the teenagers take it as the current fashion trend. Notably, the younger generation is more open to the newer fashion than the older one, who is a bit old-school in their dressing.

Dominant lifestyles within a society typically define the fashion trends in that society. For example, the casualness living of the Americans significantly influences the fashion trends within the United States. The lifestyles of the American people usually differ in the levels of social participation, personal interests. and roles.

There is a strong tendency for fashion trends to keep on repeating themselves over time. Mostly, latest fashion trends tend to mirror past fashion. For example, the fashion of 1960s is currently being repeated by the fashion designers with some modifications to make it appear as a new fashion. However, the old generation finds nothing amusing about the latest fashion, because they used to wear these clothes in their childhood.

Undoubtedly, international fashion trends originate from the major cities of the world such as Paris, New York, and Milan. These cities determine the latest fashion trends among many people. However, an ordinary woman will find it hard to wear these latest fashion trends and walk down the street comfortably. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand what fashion is trending.

Fashion trends are caused by the prevailing economic situation in the area. The choice and selection of clothes is greatly affected, when economy changes are expected to have a negative effect. During the war, the choice of clothes becomes limited. For example, ladies, such as Scarlett, wore attractive outfits with great quantity of laces before the Civil War (Mackinney-Valentin 71). This was the fashion at that time, especially in the south. However, most women were unable to purchase such clothing stuff during the war.

The influence of modernity causes changes in fashion. People often change their dressing codes according to the recent changes in the society. In an ostensible move to appear stylish and modernised, most ladies change their dressing to reflect the current fashion trends in the society. In general, people change their personal dressing to respond to the changes in the bigger mass society. Hence, modernity can be termed as another cause of fashion trends.

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World issues and events also cause fashion trends. People would like to wear clothes or accessories that are associated with certain world events. For example, after the world cup in South Africa, many Africans purchased vuvuzelas, which were seen as the current trend. Also, the hippy movement in the 1970s, has certainly ignited a fashion style. Evidently, world events and trends cause changes in fashion.

Fashion designers have a great influence on the fashion trend of the day. They usually design certain type of clothes and use models to introduce their products to the market. Mainly, celebrities introduce the new clothing to the common people. Even though a majority of the fashion designers practice ethical behaviour in their businesses, there are others, who are bent on exploiting the average person. These types of fashion designers have implemented marketing strategies that ensure their fashionable clothes only remain in the market for a short time. They only focus on making more money at a time without thinking about feelings and economic status of their customers (Pookulangara & Shepherd 47). For example, the fashion trend of this month can be loose jeans. However, even before you start enjoying wearing your loose jeans in public, the fashion designer has already introduced skinny jeans. His primary objective is to make wearing the loose jeans an old fashion and force the customer to purchase the new fashion in town-skinny jeans. Some designers are self-seeking, and all they want is to get money to buy themselves yachts. Hence, the need to cause fashion trends in the unethical ways.

Also, boredom can cause fashion trends. For example, when a lady gets bored of her clothing’s, she will look for another design of cloth to wear. Designers also get bored of seeing the same clothing every day; hence, they decide to change it up a little. Hence, boredom can also be termed as a cause of fashion trends.

In my opinion, the main cause of fashion trends is world events and issues. Clearly, the trend in dressing in a certain city, for example, Paris is mostly followed by people from other cities in the world. World events often determine what people wear in the different parts of our planet. For example, the trend in the United States of wearing skinny jeans is copied by many girls all over the world. Therefore, it is clear that the main cause of fashion trends is world events and issues.


I believe world trends and activities influence the fashion trends across the world. Importantly, fashion trends are a reflection of many global happenings. This well-explained analysis can be used in order to justify future fashion trends in the United States and other countries. As fashion trends are a component of today’s life, it is imperative to know what causes changes in fashion. This justifies the efforts by many people to establish the causes of fashion trends.

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