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Family is the bedrock and foundation of a society. It is a foundation and formation of a culture. On the other hand, marriage is a legal union between a man and woman. Marriage is a universal social institution. It is socially approved way of establishing a family of procreation. Marriage and family are inextricably linked. Marriage and family are the only social institution with a biological foundation and are complementary to each other. However, the two institutions have over the past few decades faced tremendous challenges that have threatened its existence. Shaken are the core values as a result of external influences.

Swinging in America: Love, Sex, and Marriage in the 21st Century is a book co-authored by Curtis R. Bergstrand and Jennifer Blevins. The authors have used simple analogies and metaphors to describe sociological complex ideas associated with marriage and family. This makes the narrative to be liberally sprinkled with the better of the two; analogies and metaphors. The book describes a new paradigm as far as monogamy is concerned. It includes a subjective approach to monogamous marriage. It bases rooms for monogamous unions. The authors incessantly illustrate how “Swinging” is a “new paradigm” for marriage in the United States. Swinging is a new theme in the marriage landscape.  It writes off the connotation that monogamy is a commitment to one partner for life.

In Chapter six, the book describes that there are various types of monogamy. For instance, Sexual monogamy is the commitment to confine your entire sex life to one partner. Emotional monogamy is the commitment to confine emotional bond to one partner for life. Practical monogamy means sharing of life’s daily chores and responsibilities which includes parenting, paying the bills, taking care of the lawn. Swinger represents an alternative to the traditional Christian marriage. A monogamous Christian institutional form of marriage encompasses romantic love, family life, sex and emotions fundamentally. This book will provide me with ample knowledge on this new kind of paradigm and enable me to work effectively towards my research paper.

Nathan Hurvitz and Roger Austin Straus collaborated to produce a book called a ‘Marriage and Family therapy: A Sociocognitive Approach, Volume 1.’ The book provides social diagnosis to the social and political issues ailing the social institutions of marriage and family. Chapter two of the book brings out microsociology as it is known in the sociology circles. It provides a socio-cognitive approaches and link to the external forces threatening marriage and family institutions. In chapter two, the authors explain how various philosophers such as George Herbert Mead contributed to socio-psycho analyze the issues affecting marriage and family.

The philosopher claimed that a behavior of an individual is shaped by that of the society. Through Philosopher George Herbert Mead findings, the authors depict that human beings do not merely emit behaviors but engage in conduct. That is, humans’ beings act with reference to their social context. The book will guide me on the social and modern culture link to the very symptoms ailing the building blocks of a society; marriage and family.

Marriages and Families co-authored by Mary Ann Lamanna Agnes, Agnes Zerwinski, Agnes Riedmann. The book depicts episodes of rampant divorce and the dire consequences experienced by the parents and with the most affected the children or a child. The book unravels the harrow experiences of children whom parents have gone through divorce or separation. Issues of the child’s custody usually brew uproar between two divorcees. This material is the gateway to the fountain of content I would like to use to facilitate my working on my research paper. It is my navigation gear towards developing informed content.

The authors epitomize the emotional, psychological and physical toll divorce has on children. The authors express how a child by two biological parents or adoptive parents tends to benefit a lot compared to a child from separated, divorced or never-married single mother. During and the period after divorce, children typically feel depressed, anxious, and guilty (Hetherton 1973; Wallerstein and Kelly 1980).

Most children suffer from psychological and emotional adjustment, as they tend to find it hard to come into terms with the separation or divorce. I intend to use the full scope displayed by the authors of this book to give me insight to develop my research paper by utilizing the topic; divorce which has eroded the value and meaning of a family. The book illustrates vividly the effects of divorce, separation and I intend to incorporate that effectively on my research paper.


All these books will provide me with a plethora of content to enable me to create a solid blueprint. The social issues diagnosed by these authors will give me a broader approach and analysis on the subject matter. I firmly believe I have before me the right materials to fast truck my efforts on the paper.

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