Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology Essay Sample

Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

Working Class is a scholarly, research article. This means that the article resulted from an academic research carried out. Research articles give detailed information about the topic under discussion. In this case, Working Class gives detailed information about employees in America from a sociological point of view. The information documented in this paper, resulted from sociological research on social-economic classes in America (Mandel, 2009). The article, Working Class highlights some social-economic factors that are affecting people from America’s social low class. It outlines education, health care, retirement, and race as insights to social class. Under education, the author outlines that, although, education used to be seen as a solution to poverty and a bride from low class, this has remained to be a dream. Social classes determine the education one gets. In support of these, the author outlines that post-secondary education depends on the economic capacity of the people. Under retirement, the author argues that lack of retirement security is a noble cause of poverty. These old people depend on their children for support thus sinks in dire poverty. Race is another fatal factor that contributes to continued poverty. People from non-American origin cannot secure themselves noble jobs. Lastly, health care as discussed is quite unachievable to most low class people. Although, health government has desired to make it affordable, to all this has also remained to be a dream. As a result of all this, poverty among the working class has increased. Additionally, because of the same, the variation between the poor and the rich has increased (Mandel, 2009).

Sociology is the study of individual characteristics in relation to the social institutions. This article discusses the social life of the working class in America. This covers their social life as well as economic life in regard to the society in general. Considering the fate of blue-collar job employees in America, the article fits in the field of sociology. The lifestyle of the social classes is a serious concern in America in regard to sociology (Mandel, 2009). The paper tries to explain why several aspects of life of the working class are continually pathetic and hard to improve. This article corresponds with Chapter 11 of the textbook, Social Class in the United States Sociology. This chapter seeks to explain the persistent low standards of living for the working class. This article varies considerably from articles in non-scholarly periodicals. To begin with, articles in newspapers or magazines have no abstract. An abstract is a short description about the entire paper. Secondly, non-scholarly articles do not give facts but gives the author’s opinion. The foundation of non-scholarly articles is the author’s opinion concerning the topic of discussion. These opinions can be genuine and resourceful, but at times they become biased and unreliable. The author may tend to incline or speak in favor or against that topic. Thirdly, non-scholarly articles do not have citations. Since this is the author’s original work, without referencing any other article or documentation, there is no need for citations. Lastly, non-scholarly articles are commentary but not research based. The author comments on the topic without carrying out any research on the same. Both scholarly and non-scholarly articles discuss one topic. There is no article, scholarly or non-scholarly that discusses two topics or engages in a general discussion. Both scholarly and non-scholarly articles have authors and are part of bigger credentials, such as books or magazines.

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