Effect of Contemporary American Hero Movies on the American Society Essay Sample

Effect of Contemporary American Hero Movies on the American Society

Who does not enjoy and like to watch a hero? The imagination, zeal and feelings that these movies bring are literary strong willed and interesting. The American hero movies have hit the world and many love them. They bring the everyday issues of fighting evil and good, an issue that is affecting every human kind. They portray acts of corruption, impunity and social scams. Then they portray pure and unique hearts of men who dedicate their lives to ensuring that all the evil and treacherous actions of others are stopped at all cost. Indeed these movies are teaching us and also we are fully entertained. The culture and rise of hero movies has risen in the recent years, first we had Superman and Indiana Jones then came batman and Spiderman, and now we have a new crop of the famous Marvel Studios. But then questions have been asked on the significance of these popular movies to the American society. The questions about the idea the movies present by putting the United States of America as the strongest nation in the world, as the only nation that stands for democracy and equality. And perhaps you should ask yourself the definition of revenge and treachery both crafted by the foe and hero in the movies. Major movie critics in the famous city of New York described the implication of the movies as operations of corporate gain and hate despondency. Maybe we should look at these notions that get associated with the biggest movie industry in the world, Hollywood.

Causes and Relation

There is much to the growing Marvel industry. Scott, a New York has reiterated that the new world of comic books is doing much to the corporate industry. Marvel hero movies for the pas have made substantial gains in the market on the release and even the days after that. The thing is that people love hero movies. In someway hero movies present the challenges that modern day face and mix them with a little romance and finally a solution that ends the story. Hero movies like Spiderman are not like fairy tales but realistic movies that move the hearts of movie lovers. But then with their high debut and success there is this corporate madness they are causing. The recent “The Avengers” released a couple of weeks ago has netted a significant $300 millions in the box office and more than $1 billion world wide in terms of video sales, CDS and other streaming devices. It is my belief that these sales are causing a social economical problem where executive producers and investors are making a killing and raising a pretty sum for themselves by creating such a touching and amazing scenes (John, 2001). Some would say they deserve it, but then within the expense of American social plight there is more need not to commercial and market those hero ideas so much.

Today comic studies are even allowed and embraced in the American society. The representations that discourage to the world about these comic books are all minded about creating America to have the greatest nation that should direct others on the good and bad. Such interests are the ones that have brought hard relations with communist countries like China and Russia. Even if the United States of America is a great country some preservations should be kept aside, the hero movies are each and every day building briges to the American citizens. These have reduced Americans to braggarts who just want to claim the greatness of their country (Super-Dreams of an Alternate World Order, 2001). The character is build up in every way affecting the contemporary American culture that was build in democracy, equality and power, ideals that built a strong and credible nation which has helped many countries to reinvent themselves.

Another New York movie critic gave the idea that the presentations of revenge and treachery that can be found in hero and enemy in the hero movies are mostly defining the current status of the American society.  The September 11 incident has made the American society to harbour revenge thoughts for so many years looking for the perpetrators all over the world. The government has waged wars all over the world looking for revenge of the humble Americans who were killed in the event. Many are justifying the war as a cause of justice, but when you will look in the eyes of many Americans affected by the incident, you will see revenge and treachery at all cost. The impression we get of revenge and fighting for the country has perpetuated acts of war that looks at fighting the enemies of the state. These thoughts and actions are short changing the American culture at a greater depth and shedding ideas of counter attack

There is neither actual nor racial sex equality in the either hero movies bringing the question of the role of a woman in the current American society and the place of multi races that have inhabited the great American landscapes. Look at the recent “ The Avengers” and “The Dark Night” movies and see if the role of women is put and illustrated well. “The Avengers” for instance is a bunch of “boys” while “The Dark Night” never puts a reconsideration of a larger pool of women. Even though some of the times the idea of women ideas has been put forward and some have been created still the modern women are not overall used. The initial days of Superman when the comic stories were not so popular, young men worked hard to create a media dynasty that is ruling the world with these hero movies, but then the active participation of women in this lucrative field is Cleary seen (Andrew Honeyberry, n.a.). We lack female producers and movie operators.  The country has a female Secretary of State right now who is a pioneer politician and a strong woman; hence the male tyranny that the hero movies present is affecting the United States social system has the fight for representation of gender equality being forgotten in those platforms. The plight of race and its effects in the United States of America is also among consideration. Imagine that in all the hero movies almost 99% are white men who seek to help and push stability and understanding in the world of blacks, Asians and many other races. The Hero movies just present a question of race power and mind as we could see a bunch of white men chasing over evils that has been anguishing the whole society of all races.

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There is need to change the ideals of the dominative stance that the hero movies and the big Hollywood industry present. The movies within my considerations were created for world dominance; the corporate power and public image have shown the intentions of such tales. It is my belief that much is needed to change the plots and story lines of these movies. Most of hero movies like Spiderman and Batman are made in a series, even after changing the plots that fit the current society, producers should not only look at giving fun and anticipation to the viewers. Producers should create great plots that bring balance in the contemporary American society by adding up all issues. Issues discussed above: overall movie attitude, gender issues, race and political message. These issues are very important and affect a large part of Americans in every way. In this way we could be airing movies that dispatch peace, hope, love and dignity to the American people.

Failing to follow this we are creating an American crop that will assuredly destroy the once great American heritage and values. Power and dignity is the message of great America but with these movies we will be creating a dominating nation with a lot of hate and inequality. Thereby movie makers and investors should look for another route of recreating these popular previews to a much good looking industry that will propel America to greater depths.

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