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Technology is one of the things which have been embraced across the world. The application of internet has become a common concept in all aspects of live both in personal, organizational and governmental operations. The application of internet spread with very high speed after its introduction in late 1990s in various areas of human life. In education the concept was embraced at a high speed due to expected benefits in its application. Huge investment has taken place today in schools through the purchase of hardware and software required. Despite the positive outcomes of the application of internet services in schools and among young children and teenagers, there are various challenges, risks and liabilities associated with it (Breguet, 2007). This is particularly with the intrusion of predators who perpetrates undesired acts particularly cyberbullying. It is clear that cyberbullying is a crime which is real and experienced by many young internet users.

The knowledge and application of internet technology among the young people is essential for the preparation of digital society. It is for this reason why parents and school administrators have decided to invest a lot to ensure that young people are prepared in this aspect. Governments are also in support of this application as it aims to see its citizens to be digital oriented. This aim and objective cannot be disputed. However, there is a misstep as far as the issue is handled. These young people have been allowed to do what they want through the internet. Unfortunately they misuse the application while predators take the advantage to facilitate crime particularly cyberbullying and pornography. Children and teens are increasingly suffering from such undertakings (Breguet, 2007).

It is interesting to see the speed at which cyberbullying spread and the impact it can have to those involved. It has been evidenced in a certain school that hate mobile phone messages started between two individuals in a given morning. Friends to the two initiators got aware of bitter words through short text messages and participated in the scum. When it was in the afternoon, the whole school was into chaos as two sides engaged into active attacks and blame game. One group accused the other of bullying their friend; this could at first be a joke, which turned into dangerous issue. In case, the initiators were informed in advance on how to handle such an issue, they or one of them would have taken necessary steps and save the whole school (Levy, 2011).

Social networks are becoming increasingly influential due the number of people involved, as well as the benefits attached to their use. People have been in a position to socialize and exchange ideas, while organizations have used these platforms to communicate to various stakeholders, as well as marketing their products. There is no doubt that social media is a beneficial concept. However, it is sad that some numerous young people have committed suicide which has been associated with bullying from social media. Cyberbullying is a serious crime which leads to psychological damage to a victim who may lower their esteems to a point of committing suicide. For example a young girl jumped from South Scranton Bridge and there is no other cause which has been related to this effect except that police found undesirable messages in her facebook account. This is just an example of many such incidences across the world (Heaney, 2011).

Children and teenage undergo numerous psychological challenges including depression, schooling problems and family issues. They therefore become sensitive when it comes to emotional and psychological management. It calls for assists from others including parents and teachers to overcome these challenges. In most cases, cyberbullying takes place behind the scene and hence no help is offered. Eventually, a victim end up committing suicide or sometimes engage into drug and substance abuse.

Despite the fact that cyberbullying has significantly spread among the people it is important to note the there are several ways through which it can be reduced. The first approach is to enhance staff training. It is evidenced that many administrators and teachers in schools have no skills to deal with the issue. Stakeholders have been reluctant to develop training mechanism and include the concept in school curriculum to ensure that pupils and students are informed sufficiently about the issue and how to avoid its impact. Secondly, the government should continue to issue directions and required polices concerning the cyberbullying. It is evidenced that the government has taken an active role to deal with the issue by launching a site Stop Bullying .gov. However; the government should increase its participation. Parent on their side should take time socialize with their children; talk about social media and share on issues affecting their lives (Heaney, 2011). In this case, a parent will understand his or her child better while the child or the teenage may open up about cases of cyberbullying they may encounter. In addition, parents should carry out surprise inspection of what their children are watching or reading about from the internet.

In conclusion, cyberbullying is a real and complicated issue. It has claimed lives and lowered esteems of various young children and teens such that their lives as a whole are distorted. It is recommended that all stakeholders including parents, teachers, school administrators, and the government to move with speed before the silent killer claim more lives and destroyed more young people. It is not in order that children to be allowed to view sites which threaten their lives. Parents and teachers in particularly should be informed through seminars and training on how to deal with the issue.

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