Compensated Dating Essay Sample

Compensated Dating

Every minute, every second, the world is changing, and along with it humans’ values are adapted to changing.  Today, people concentrate on money or materialistic values more than they have ever done in the history of the society.  Unfortunately, the materialistic values have changed, how we see things, how we do things with the passage of time. Since people have focused on earning money, they had lost their social skills, such as basic communication. They do not have enough time to maintain healthy relationships, or any relationships relating to that matter.                                                                                               

Nowadays, money dominated in the world; people have found the perfect solution for this problem, such as the compensated dating. The compensated dating has originated in Japan. Young females, like schoolgirls, are providing companionship or sexual services to their sexual partners. It is providing mostly to older people in exchange for money or luxury, even the happiness. According the decay of social skills and lack of time, the men are unable to find a companion or female friend and maintain a healthy relationship with them. However, here is the saddest moment. The women agree with the money compensation. They accept the rewards to accompany men and provide sexual services. Their souls and bodies are sold. People have become unable to have healthy or long term relationship with each other.       

Morally, the compensated dating is an unhealthy relationship between men and women. The men pay money for women’s concerns and bodies. It brings a vicious circle.  Humans become twisted. Emily Prager said, “As if we're all trapped in the Barbie's world and can never escape” (130). The sexism exists in the Barbies’ world, like the compensated dating. Both of them cause moral values damage.

The compensated dating could be considered as the social problem. It can also infer the teenagers without the parents’ attention. Instead of giving their time to the kids, busy parents give them money trying to buy their happiness, which teaches kids in a wrong way. It lets people think that using money for happiness trading becomes the only emotional outlet of neglecting. Mentally, the ignored child gets money from his parents. The materialistically affluent makes him spiritually empty. Some of them go astray, participating in the compensated dating. The young people are the pillar of the future. If their happiness relied on monetary or luxuries, the materialism would be soon increased in few years. Ten years later, the young people might not realize what they had contributed in their society. Probably, they will be proud of their property owning.                                                                                         

In conclusion, not at all we should accept the fact that to deal with the compensated dating was a less serious social issue. I would like to say that the monetary benefits exceed healthy relationships and normal social life. If people still addicted to this monetary and immoral environment, the society might be involved in demoralization and materialism. People alive like a walking dead, without their own souls and bodies.                          

She's Your Basic L.O.L. in N.A.D

Humans are eliminated by the terminology in the medical profession. They are used for describing medical processes and diseases. Mrs. Tolstoy is an old lady with no obvious suffering. She wants to make sure of the absence of heart attack. While working in the hospital, each can get an experience in learning the endless medical jargon. No one says about the falling of the patient’s blood pressure, or the cardiac condition increased. Klass notes, “The point of this interpretation likely represents a deep intern’s anger” (99). Medicals and doctors get new admissions every day. They are able to get next accepted in emergency. Most of the patients are quite stable. The baseball image can be used in the medical process and this is the important point. Medical staff can have a night with no admissions, which means a no-hitter in baseball. The patient is a player. He is considered as a unit player in the intensive care unit (ICU). The process lasts until the staffs reach the final. When the intern announces of getting a hit, it does not cause the positive reaction. The team of medics does not gain points and win the game. The object of the doctors’ views is based on the responsibility of their patients. The major goal for them is to get few admissions as possible.                                

For the each intern’s activity, the process of learning and practicing the new medical terminology and abbreviations is the great opportunity to reach the considerable experience in this area. They are able to learn and understand what the doctors say or write. People seem to admire using the specific medical terms. The medics are addicted with this point. The training action creates changes in the views’ statements. Somebody might think that was good. Also, there is a slang no one wants to use or tries to avoid using it. The medical training with the unclear language or terms can make confusions for the beginners. Here is the opportunity to avoid misunderstanding. I think that the different ranges of the medical experts have to use an understandable language and terms. This point will provide an effective medical activity. The medical slang’s use, in some cases, helps the doctors to maintain a distance from the patients. They can define the patients’ diseases in other way, so the patients do not understand the medical language. The challenge is the responsibility of the medical staff.                                   

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The language separation between the patient and the doctor is still present. Learning and understanding a new language is a difficult, but experience of working in the medical field is necessary. It is hard to get use speaking it, but this is an important part of developing and working activities in any fields. It allows understanding and communicating effectively, avoiding misunderstands. The language in medical activity has become an important part of working and communicating with each other. It can be strange and unusual seems like a professional speech, but professional speech is not only based on the vocabulary skills. Everybody has to follow the structure and logical point of the speech. It will help to avoid awareness and move further to become a real, highly qualified and skilled professional in the medicine.

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