Civil Rights Essay Sample

Civil Rights

Over the years, many civil right activists have focused their efforts on human rights ignoring animals’ rights. There is a need to support the efforts directed towards protection and respect of both human and animal rights. This essay focuses on the relationship between civil rights, animal rights and medical research.

It is necessary to understand that there is a direct and unavoidable link between the struggle for civil rights and the current struggle for ending animal suffering and pain. These measures imply setting free millions of animals from oppression and isolation, deprivation and torture, as well as brutal deaths at any given age taking into account the newborns (Singer & Peter, 1975). Those who support the struggle for civil and animal rights have, in many ways, been branded as foolish or troublemakers that impose threat to the national security. Those who opposed to the movements for animal rights, as well as the civil rights, are using their powers to ensure that they make silent the advocates of human and animal rights through making numerous attacks on them.

It is unfair that animal are been used for medical research whereby they are put under harsh conditions. For example, in various medical research laboratories dogs are used for research work, whereby they are mishandled and mistreated in the name of carrying out research. Medical research has been one of the areas that have significantly contributed in violation of animal rights. For instance newborn animals, in some researches, are separated from their mothers, and this act is inhumane, as it denies the infant’s right for a mother care. Medical research may oppose this argument by claiming that separating the newborn animals sometime is necessary, in order to care of juvenile delinquency.

There is a close relationship between civil rights and animal rights, as the advocates of the two faces similar opposition to those, who are in power and want to withhold their status quo. Medical research is one of the major violator of animal rights as well as civil rights. There is an urgent need to come up with measures aimed at regulating the way medical researchers’ uses animals for their research work. In conclusion, all efforts should be directed to enhance the protection of both civil and animal rights, in today’s societies.

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