African American Studies Essay Sample

African American Studies

The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History is a nongovernmental institution that is situated in the United States. Its major aim is to study the history of African Americans and then publish this information presenting it to the people from all over the world. The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History also intends to enhance the appreciation of the African Americans in the United States. The organization engages in research activities to understand and interpret the history and culture of the African Americans so that this information can be shared with the rest of the world.

Liberal scholars believe that the history of African Americans can be traced through any research that seeks to discover their beliefs, culture, and religion. The scholars support the idea that there should be equality between blacks and whites in terms of income, distribution and access to the civil rights. They also support the idea that African Americans should have voting rights the same as those of any other citizen of United States. On the other hand, the radical scholars argue that the history of African Americans cannot be traced only through the studies. They believe that African Americans are not equal to the whites and they should not be given the same rights, namely the voting rights.

According to the article, African American Studies consists of experiences of all the African Americans that are in Diaspora. It also involves evaluating their history, culture, beliefs, political involvement, and religious activities. African American Studies aims at eliminating numerous stereotypes concerning different races. It evaluates the effect of the other societies on African Americans and their influence on the rest of the world. African American Studies is important in ensuring that there is a good co-existence between the people from different races. It will ensure that people are endowed with civil rights regardless of their race.

Certificate, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs have been initiated in various universities to facilitate the study of African Americans. Nowadays, they are able to study such disciplines as African Studies, Pan-African Studies, Africana Studies, Native African Studies, Religion in Black America and Black Matriarchy. Generally, many disciplines have been developed to facilitate a deeper understanding of African American history. The fact that people can specialize in the studies in their post graduate degrees means great research is being made to discover more details about African American history.

The purpose of African American Studies is to understand the history of African Americans in terms of their way of life, family structure, religion, political interests, and culture. When this information is obtained by the students, it can be spread to the rest of the world enhancing a better understanding of African American culture. It is quite important as the history of African Americans has remained almost unclear to the world.

The social community responsibility of African American Studies is to educate the Africans that they are not different from other races in the United States. It also makes other races appreciate the history of Africans in the United States. The chances of participation of African Americans in such activities as politics, education, and employment and voting should be increased. It is quite important for enhancing wellbeing of the society.

There are many specific areas of study within Black Studies curriculum. Universities and colleges providing African American Studies ensure that their studies have incorporated disciplines such as introduction to African American languages and culture, introduction to African American studies, and African and African American studies. Languages such as Dinka, Chichewa, and Kikuyu are studied in these universities and colleges. It can be concluded that African American Studies have been organized to ensure that the culture of African Americans is deeply understood.

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