Adolescent Abuse Essay Sample

Adolescent Abuse

Globally, there exists immense data evidencing the magnitude of adolescent abuse. Adolescents are abused through various ways, with neglect forming the greater percentage. Approximately 9.6 percent undergo through sexual abuse annually (Barnett, Miller-Perrin & Perrin, 2011). Adolescent girls are the most vulnerable in comparison to boys. It is sad to note that adolescents who are abused experience more than one form of maltreatment. In addition, the identified victims are also victims to other forms of neglect and abuse. Adolescent neglect bears both long- term and immediate impacts, which span across the emotional, interpersonal, cognitive, and physical functioning of the individual (Barnett, Miller-Perrin & Perrin, 2011).

It is extremely unfortunate that adolescents who experience one form of abuse will experience other forms in their lifetime. Consequently, these adolescents are abuse at home, school, workplace, and in the society. This makes them have a low self- esteem, thereby ending up as unproductive members in the society (Horton & Cruise, 2001). It is extremely important that educators and parents identify the symptoms and signs of adolescent abuse, so as to be able to rescue the adolescents from any form of abuse. Moreover, they should have information on what to do and who to contact when they come across an adolescent who has been molested. Finally, they should take measures to ensure that adolescent abuse is prevented in future (Horton & Cruise, 2001).

The classmates concern is how an abused adolescent can be identified and how to deal with them to prevent future incidences of abuse. Adolescents who have undergone through some form of abuse are never confident in whatever they do, have low self- esteem, and may not welcome corrections from others. After identifying these adolescents, they should be approached wisely so that they do not overreact. Consequently, one should befriend them and identify the source of abuse so as to prevent future incidences.

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