Actual Problems of Modern Society Essay Sample

Actual Problems of Modern Society

Internet censorship is a control or prohibition of materials, which can be published on the Internet or downloaded from it by everyone. According to the Webmaster’s online dictionary, “Internet censorship is control or suppression of the publishing or accessing of information on the Internet. The legal issues are similar to offline censorship” (Webster's Online Dictionary, n.d.). The Internet censorship has the same legal basis as the press censorship. However, the main difference is that national network's borders are blurred: the inhabitants of the country, in which this or that information is prohibited can find it on the websites located on servers of the other countries.

Internet filtering at the state level - is it good or bad? As always, there are different opinions. Some see it as a social protection and control, and for others, censorship is primarily an instrument to limit the power of freedom. One does not undertake to give a definite answer to this question. On one hand, the degree of filtration may be different, on the other hand, the partial answer to this question lies in the ideological plane, so anyone can answer it on the basis of their political affiliation. As you know, “his own censorship - the protection of society, someone else's censorship - the prohibition of freedom”. Internet censorship is a difficult problem, which is researched by a lot of sciences, such as journalism, political science, and others.

Impact of Video Games on Children and Teenagers

Producers of computer games support and  strongly promote the idea that a child should develop dexterity and improve its computer literacy by playing games. That is why computer games have spread everywhere. However, numerous studies indicate that games, especially violent composition, make teens more aggressive.

Interactive games are different from the TV or movies, where the perception of violence is passive. Playing games, children become active participants of the script. Players, which successfully passed a series of violent actions, can move to the next level. Researchers argue that exactly such kind of interactive game increases aggressive behavior, since violent acts are continually repeated. Therefore, it becomes a stereotype.

When a child plays a game for a long time there is a dependence. Many teachers complain that children run away from school and go to play games, thus spending money that parents give them for lunches. Most of them have low knowledge. Now, many teens develop their virtual character, and do not develop themselves. In real life, they are not adapted and quickly resort to aggression, instead of solving the problem. Children should remember that victories in games are only virtual. That is why it is a very important problem, which is researched by psychology, sociology, etc.

Programs that help War Veterans get back into Society

The practice of modern local wars in the world showed a complex socio-psychological problem of the social protection and psychological rehabilitation of soldiers - members of the military conflict. In their role as peacekeepers, they fall under the adverse effects of a complex dangers to life or health professional factors. It exceeds the existing level of physiological and psychological reserves of the body and leads to an increase in the overall incidence and the development of mental disorders. The main causes of this are a psychophysiological tension, neuro-psychological stress and infectious factors. Moreover, the negative impact of combat situation's factors  to 95% of combatants can be influenced by combat stress. Subsequently, all this can lead to the peacekeepers mental trauma, that is the main internal barrier to adapt to civilian life. So, rehabilitation of members of military conflicts is quite difficult task, which can be solved by combining the efforts of different sciences such as psychology, sociology, biology, soldiery, and others.

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