Article Review: "Nanotechnology and Its Potential Applications in Meat Industry" Essay Sample

Article Review: "Nanotechnology and Its Potential Applications in Meat Industry"

The article “Nanotechnology and Its Potential Applications in Meat Industry” discusses the new trends in the food industry connected with the implementation of nanotechnologies in the production, preparation and serving of meat products. The article argues that new technologies allow making the food safer for the human health as they can regulate the amount of salt, sugar or fat in the meat. Moreover, as nanotechnologies enrich meat with the nutritional substances, they can assist in reducing the cases of food poisoning and incidences of diseases connected with the consumption of the meat (Milan, et al., 2013). At the same time, the utilization of modern technologies in the food industry is not deprived of the risks since they can cause some allergic reactions or indigestion in individual cases.

The implementation of the nanotechnologies in the food industry calls for the approval from the legal, medical and scientific viewpoint. Currently, the meat production implements the achievements of the nanotechnologies, which allow regulating the taste, nutrition value and other properties of the cooked meal. Moreover, the nanotechnologies are used in the ways of cooking and preparing the meal for consumption. Overall, one can conclude that this trend will lead to the increased usage of the meat products artificially enriched with the needed chemical elements and substances. Moreover, it will lead to the modernization of the traditional ways of cooking and serving meal in the food industry.

In my opinion, this trend will affect the diversity of the meat products available on the modern food market. The usage of technologies allows creating a variety of meat product, satisfying the taste of each consumer. Additionally, it will influence the price politics as the usage of technologies in the food industry calls for the additional investments and expenditures. The trend with nanotechnologies may also affect the ethical and medical side since it is not completely clear whether the consumption of such meat will be safe and beneficial for the human health. I believe that this trend will find a positive reflection in the food industry and lead to its qualitative innovations.

Generally, I agree with this article. The authors provide the relevant information about properties, characteristics and qualities of the meat produced with the help of nanotechnologies. The article does not reject the facts about probable threats and risks of nanotechnologies connected with the insufficient studies of their effects on human health. However, I suppose that this invention is a great step towards the solution of food issues and creation of new sources of meal.

The information provided in this article is of paramount importance for understanding the current trends and movements in the food industry. It shows how technologies influence the everyday life and contribute to new considerable inventions in the sphere of food industry. I suppose I can use this knowledge to analyze the effectiveness of the food industry and ascertain the qualitative changes it has recently encountered. Moreover, this article allows me to understand the value of nanotechnologies in food production and rais awareness of the potential threats concerned with the consumption of such products.

To sum up, the usage of nanotechnology is a promising trend in the contemporary food industry. The first attempts of producing meat with the help of technologies happened to be successful and beneficial for the human health. In my opinion, this trend will continue to develop the current food industry and enrich it with new products and materials for food serving. Obviously, the usage of technologies in food industry will affect the issues of ethics, legislature, medicine and economic value. Nevertheless, I suppose the possible implications of this trend will result in the increased production of the new sorts of meat and elimination of diseases connected with the food consumption.

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