Religion Essay Sample


Response: Question #1

Genesis is about the creation of mankind and everything that surrounds us. It is relevant to the New Covenant in several terms. Adam and Eve committed a sin when they ate a fruit from the tree of life. God punished them by giving them the knowledge to determine which is good and which is bad. God commanded the man to carry all the burden be able to feed his family. The wife, on the other hand, was given the ability to bear children within her the pain of giving birth is her punishment. This is similar to in the historical context of Israel's disobedience and imminent exile as punishment for national disobedience. God set off the Israelites and allowed them to make decisions for their own as a punishment for breaking Yahweh’s rule.

Response: Question #2

Pre-Arabic religious world view is different from Abraham’s life and example because Abraham’s life revolved around the example of the almighty God and he only intends to bring goodness to others while the others made drastic decisions in their life that is not humane and they seemed not to be following the words of God.

Response: Question #3:

The first forty years of Moses existence was spent inside the palace of the Pharaoh of Egypt. The Pharaoh is a very influential man that ruled Egypt for a long time. It is amazing to learn that Moses did not alter his Faith due to the ruling of the Pharaoh. It is the reason why God chose him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. The laws given to Moses are the commandments, judgement, and ordinance.

Response: Question #4

He was also selected by Yahweh to lead the people in eliminating the harmful beasts all over the land to give them a safer place to live in. It has been stated in Ezek 37:24-28 that will be the King of His people and all of them will only have one Sheppard, who will keep the ordinance in His land. The loyalty of David to God made him deserve the position that is vested upon him. His examples will always be a significant figure for Hebrews and all.

Response: Question #5

They have presented facts about God’s holiness in terms of the salvation of Israel. Many people from Israel vanished after the judgement and only the obedient ones are left, they are called the remnants. They are the minority that God selected to be exiled and they were given the chance to witness the restoration of the land. God has been so kind to those who believed in Him and he kept His promises to them when the destruction was done and over with. God loves his loyal children even those who committed sins but repented before him. Those are blessed group they have the opportunity to live longer lives when God did not include them to the annihilation.

Response: Question #6

Ecclesiastes highlighted biblical characters that were chosen by God Himself to gather men who are loyal to him and/or willing to accept his holiness. David, Moses, and Abraham are the famous examples of the great gatherers of God’s men. It presents the judgement of God in terms of assigning individuals to perform a certain task in accordance to His laws. All mankind has to live by the gatherers examples for us to have a prosperous life in God’s time. There have been many presentation of God’s holiness which were written in the Bible and no man is the position to question His grace.

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