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Mormon Religion

Religion is a system of belief and worship to the God. There are different types of religions in the world that define the different beliefs people have. Notably, the common religions that exist include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism among others. Christianity is the most common one followed by Islam. However, Christianity is widespread all over the world with different denominations that make the whole religious doctrine. The Christian denominations have different beliefs and practices both inside and outside the church. There are some religious groups that take sacrament as the body of Jesus Christ while other ones do not take it. Additionally, several denominations take wine to represent the blood of the Son of God. Contrary to that, others take water to represent the blood of Jesus.

This paper analyzes the differences between the Mormon and the Pentecostal religion. The research discusses the mode of service and other activities.

The Differences between the Mormon Religion and Other Denominations within the Christianity Religion

After the service at one of the Mormon denomination churches, it is noted that the Mormon denomination has different beliefs and practices in comparison to other branches of Christianity. The common noted differences between the Mormon religion and other denominations are as discussed below.

Firstly, the Mormon denomination convinces that believers do not have to eat on the first Sunday of every month. This is unlike the practice of any other Christian form. On the first Sunday of every month, the Mormon Christians attend the church service and during the process – which takes them throughout the day – they eat only bread and water. They believe that these products represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ respectively. Contrary to that, the other denominations do not believe on fasting on the first Sunday of every month. They usually eat as any other day even.

Secondly, Mormon believers exhibit a somber mood on such Sunday. On this day, they do not play or sing any cheerful song. The audience remains calm apart from a couple of hymns. Unlike them, other denominations have cheerful songs sung each other Sunday even if it is the first one of the month. In addition, the other branches of religion have young children and youths dancing to the songs during the services. Noticeably, the somber mood is only experienced in the other denominations during the Easter period while remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Thirdly, the analyzed religion has a special book known as the Book of Mormon, which they read apart from the Bible, as well. This is totally different from the other forms of Christianity that refer only or read from the Bible for spiritual gains. According to the Mormon bishop, they have to refer from their Book for additional spiritual gain. The pastor clarifies that the Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible, but it is just for references.

Lastly, the Mormons use bread and water as the body and blood of Jesus Christ respectively when other denominations use either wine of specified juice flavors to represent the sacred thing.

The Requirement to Become a Bishop in the Mormon Denomination

A bishop is a Christian spiritual leader who is above the priest or the pastor. Normally, in every Christian denomination, a person has to meet certain qualifications before they can be ordained to become bishops. Similar to the Mormon denomination, for one to qualify as a bishop, there are some necessary requirements.

The Mormon faith requires that one must be baptized and undergone religious education for several years before being ordained as the priest of such high rank. By this denomination, baptism purifies a person’s soul and washes all the sins away. A bishop needs to be holy and pure before God, and that is why they have to undergo that process.

Moreover, for one to become a bishop, the Mormon religion requires that one should understand the teachings from both the Mormon Book and the Bible. A person that only understands the Holy Book of Christians and fails to know anything about the one of Mormon cannot qualify to be a charge priest. The considered denomination treasures the Mormon Book and the bishop has to refer to it during every church service. Thus, it is so important for this high rank representative to understand the book.

The Polygamy Practice and the Mormon Denomination

Polygamy is the practice of marrying more than one wife. Most if not all Christian denominations criticize polygamy since they believe that man should marry only one wife and be faithful to her as the Bible states. Notably, the Mormon religion does not support polygamy. The Mormon religion like most other ones argue that polygamy is against God’s will. Therefore, the aforementioned statement is the main reason why the Mormons do not practice polygamy.

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The Mormon Temple and the Requirements to Attend the Events and

Services at the Temple

The Mormon temple is quite different from the most of a kind. It is huge, with many subdivisions inside it where people gather. Notably, before the beginning of the service, people gather in their respective rooms inside the temple for meetings. The gatherings inside the Mormon temple vary from youths, children, the adult males and females. The Mormons’ building for religious worship is interesting in terms of structure in comparison to other denominations’ temples.

Attending the events and services at the temple of Mormon does not necessarily require many things. It requires only your understanding and respect to their teachings no matter that you may agree or disagree with their services. The greatest issue with the Mormon religion is referencing from the Book of Mormon. This is an interesting issue that most Christian denominations may not agree with. Nevertheless, if one has to attend their events and services, all he has to do is agree and obey their teachings.

In conclusion, Christianity is the most common religion in the world. Particularly, there are various Christian denominations in the world that have different beliefs. The Mormon religion has different beliefs and practices in comparison to other religious groups. Firstly, the Mormon denomination usually shows a somber mood every first Sunday of the month. On this day, they do not play or sing any cheerful song. The audience remains calm apart from a couple of hymns. Unlike them, other denominations have cheerful songs sung each other Sunday even if it is the first one of the month. Additionally, the Mormon religions have a special book known as the Book of Mormon, where they also read from apart from the Bible. Besides the differences, the Mormon religion just like the other Christian religious branch does not embrace polygamy. They believe, polygamy is against God’s will, and that a man should marry only one wife and stay faithful to her no matter what the situation

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