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Critical Examination

The Old Testament is a book that becomes most widely read around the world. Throughout the whole life people are taught the most important and main truth from it. The Elmer Towns’ work “A Journey through the Old Testament” demonstrates the audience the way of God’s grace in spite of man’s sin. The author shows ancient culture that has a lot of differences from which we have now. This book is a kind of a “journey” that helps people to understand the main principles of the Holy Scripture.

While reading “A Journey through the Old Testament” it could be observed that every biblical person is seen from two points of view: first of all, in God's sight, and then in a man’s. When God looks at the man, he does not want to see the evil actions of a man. God looks much deeper; he looks at the heart. So the role of the Mr. Towns is to show different situations and characters that could be a lesson to the present world.

This book is full of the instructive examples and words. The writer’s main idea is that the people who lived in the period of Christ or even before him before him did not differ from those who live nowadays. This fact is an encouragement for people to overthink their future and the role the play in the society. According to Town’s what fulfill your heart depends what actions you will perform.

There huge differences in culture, language, people and traditions if to compare it with the ancient world. Nowadays people live in sin, the traditions of the fathers could be betrayed, and benefit is valued higher than morality. A person has to learn the lesson from the past and be saved by the repentance. “A Journey through the Old Testament” is a presenting of difficult man’s way on the Earth; Elmer Towns helps to understand the role of the Old Testament in the human life and to receive the main study of the book.

In spite of all use and value of “A Journey through the Old Testament” it has its disadvantages. The author has the own point of view on different things what has in some way exaggerated character: the main heroes are described very blurred, in some ways these characters do not match the admitted personages (Abraham, Moses, David). Mr. Towns pays attention to small details, illustrate a lot of parables that are very interesting but distracts from the main theme of the book. The method, which the writer used, could complicate understanding while reading “A Journey through the Old Testament”. Elmer Towns likes to comment every story but these commentaries are very simple, its do not help to see the whole picture of the process of influence of the God.

The main part of the book transfer the text from the Bible, it is not helpful for those who are looking for the better understanding of the Holy Scripture. It cannot be said that all Towns’ conclusions are accurate and provable but the writer gives a description of human lives, desires, problems in those ancient times. In spite of all disadvantages “A Journey through the Old Testament” is a must read, everyone should know the formation of Christianity: historical, sociological and psychological factors that formed nowadays human outlook.

The knowledge which people received from such books as Elmer Towns’ work is invaluable. Among the monuments of world culture the Bible occupies a special place; it is the oldest book. It provides answers to questions that have always troubled people to help them solve difficult problems. And such writers as Towns make a contribution into the world culture, these books enlighten society; but all are perceived as indivisible parts of one book, that reproducing spiritual quest and experience, morality and is the source of human wisdom. “A Journey through the Old Testament” shows that man is a creation of God, who is endowed with complete freedom of choice. A person can choose the own way of managing life, even if it leads to negative consequences. However, apart from the right to choose, each person is accountable for the actions towards family, society, state and God.

Elmer Towns tells that human is the highest creation of God, the belief into the trinity of human nature: spirit, soul and body. The man is created in harmonious combination of matter and spirit. This book gives people not only spiritual satisfaction but also the experience that is a crucial factor. When a person learns from his or her own mistakes it can be harmful. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others; there are a number of examples to learn - both positive and negative (which sometimes happen with various aspects of life of the same person). For example, reading about David and his victory over the giant Goliath, it could be seen that God is greater than all the things with which people sometimes have to fight.

“A Journey through the Old Testament” by Elmer Towns is a book intended not just for reading, it is the book for further study and application. Otherwise, there is no sense to waste the time reading it without applying it to your life. The desire to read this book has to come from the heart. This is a book of high value, which demonstrates incipience of the fundamental Christian values: common (prudence, justice, honesty) and theological (faith, hope, charity and love) virtues. Difficulties that arise during study and analyze “A Journey through the Old Testament” are in the fact that it is not a historical piece of literature; it is a book that is popular and readable in the world today. Those values that are presented in the book are a compass that determines the direction of people lives. Every word and human example permanently paves the path in the life and helps to make right decision or to realize certain desires.

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