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The humanity of Jesus can be explained by various facts. In the first place, the birth of Jesus was prophesied even in the Old Testament. The family of Jesus can be traced because He was born by a human being who came from a certain family. The fact that Jesus was born like every other person proves that He was 100 percent human being. ‘Jesus had features of other people in that He underwent stages of life such as circumcision and death like any other human being.’Jesus could also cry, pray, and even do things that other people could do and this proves that He was fully a human being.

The bible also proves that Jesus is a deity. According to the bible, Jesus is a member of the holy trinity. In the holy trinity, there is the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus himself told His disciples to baptize people in the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. This shows that Jesus is equal to God. This is proves that Jesus is 100 percent a deity.

Another prove that Jesus is a deity is that he was born by a virgin. ‘A human being is normally born by women who are not virgins.’This was not the case in Jesus. It had been earlier prophesied in the Old Testament that the Holy one would be borne by a virgin.

Jesus also said in the gospel that where two or more individuals meet in his name, the He is there. This shows that Jesus is omnipresent which a feature of God is.

The fact that Jesus had power over nature proves that He is a deity. He controlled nature when he calmed a storm. A normal human being has no such powers. Jesus was also omniscience, which is a feature of a deity.’ He was aware of his death even before he was arrested.’

The hypostatic union of Jesus is an attempt to explain how Jesus existed both as a human being as well as a deity. Jesus had one personality. However, He had two natures. It does not mean that Jesus had a mixture of humanity and deity. He had the union of the two natures he possessed. ‘The fact that he was born by a human being does not mean that his life started at birth but he existed even before birth.’Jesus as a human being was just an incarnation so that He could save humanity from sins. It is important to note that human mind is limited and therefore difficult to understand fully the nature of God fully.

Hypostatic union argues that Jesus was both a man and a deity. What this means is that Jesus had all the characteristics of human being and all the characteristic of a deity.

‘Incarnation was of great importance. God came to the people in form of man so that he could reveal himself to his people.’Through the miracles he performed, he was able to reveal himself to the people. In the previous days, God used to reveal Himself to the prophets only but through incarnation, all the people were able to see him.

It is through incarnation that God would be able to save the world. Incarnation made it possible for God to show the importance of salvation to His people. There was no other way of saving the world except through incarnation.

‘Overemphasizing that Jesus is either a deity or a man leads to misrepresentation of Jesus.’Saying that Jesus is a deity means that Jesus is a certain deity that cannot be fully understood. Saying that Jesus was a man means that the powers and ability that Jesus had are ignored.

One of the objections of Christology is that the two natures of Jesus mix to come up with one nature. Those who object argue that Jesus had one nature. ‘The other objection of Christology is that the issue of incarnation is a traditional issue.’It relates to the traditions of Hebrews and Greeks, who believed that deities would ascend, live with people and then go.

I would respond to these objections by explaining that the incarnation of Jesus was long prophesied. In addition, there is no nature formed when deity and human nature mix. It will also be noted that Jesus represented God living among people in that the Old Testament prophesied that the child to be born would be called Emmanuel meaning God with us.

Christ in Humanity is an example to me in that even though he had all the characteristics of human being, he did not engage in sinful acts. Therefore as a human being, I should not engage in sinful acts.

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