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Christian Servant

The Old Testament is the history of Israel and the basis of our faith. It was written dating back to 1200 BC (or perhaps even earlier). It can be hard to comprehend the Old Testament, especially for people living so far away from the ancient Middle East. Thus, "A Popular Survey of the Old Testament" is written to help Christians intensify their realization of the Old Testament events and people. Norman Geisler has established his Popular Survey of the Old Testament into five parts, along with maps and charts, in order to illustrate full information.

In Christian Studies, it was noted that worship service is not strongly required to be conducted on Sundays and other important days. The whole life must be dedicated to worshiping God, showed not only in prayer, but in the way Christians live. They are new people and are changed by God's love. The most noticeable of that alternation can be seen in love toward others, or love of a fellow man.

The first four Christian precepts instruct Christians how to love God, and the last six teach them to love others. These ten plain instructions organize the main guide for Christians to express their love to God. Some of these commandments are pointed and augmented by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). For instance, he forbids murder and insists on understanding that anger as well destroys others. Jesus forbids adultery and insists on purity of mind and heart.

Unfortunately, Christians occasionally accept the necessity to live in accordance with these, as Jesus said the greatest two commandments. While Christians accept the value of human life, happiness and labor, questions connected with war, wealth and sexuality have been controversial issues as perceived by Christians from the dawn of the Church.

Modern Christians passionately disaccord about questions connected with sexuality, namely the marriage, birth control, and ordination of homosexuals. Since changes in society will proceed to display serious ethical dilemmas to the churches, love and charity remain the most important aspect of Christian life.

There are a number of principles which you should follow in your life. The first one is the following: “You shall have no other gods before me”. It is intolerable to have any kind of idol or icon, as each person has to live directed by commandments.

The second principle is to “Honor your father and mother”. As for me, I strongly concur with this statement, because your parents are the closest people and the way in which you treat them depicts the appearance of your soul, and your attitude to parents will be the profound example for your children.

The third principle forbids any craving for other people’s property. It is a common knowledge that you must not take something you do not own.

The fourth principle is the prohibition of adultery. Married woman cannot have any relationship with a man who is not her husband. Nowadays it is an appalling problem in our society, due to the fact that young people do not consider marriage as a serious affair, as it is very easy to divorce in case of any misunderstanding. However, every Christian should understand that if he is married, he must be faithful at all times.

The fifth principle forbids any abuse of the name of God, whether in mendacious propaganda or in wicked deeds as witchcraft.

To conclude, I strongly believe that at least these five rudimentary principles will help you to be a more effective Christian servant.

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