Why I Want a College Degree Essay Sample

Why I Want a College Degree

Today’s world is becoming amazingly fast in terms of changes and challenges. To be effective in one’s life and career, it is not enough nowadays to get the basic knowledge of certain subjects or some particular skills. Success today is a sum total of education, training, practice, emotional intelligence and soft skills. Yet, quality education is a necessary element that helps to take a firm ground in any sphere and move forward confidently. So, I want to get a college degree for this reason and for a number of other reasons too.

Firstly, it is necessary to obtain the best knowledge and training in the sphere that I chose for my future career. Secondly, college is about a community and socializing. It is not only about making new friends but also about carrying out projects that are useful for society. So, college is a ground for exercise when one learns to implement ideas at a low level so that to implement them at a higher level in future. Thirdly, my idea of education is life-long learning, because one has to be always up to date in one’s job. College gives one basic techniques of effective learning.

From my childhood, I have realized the importance of education although I would not see future perspectives as a child as I see them know. My father was a person who inspired me to study and to be inquisitive about the world around me. He was the first person in our family who got a college degree, so it was important to him that his children would follow the new tradition. I must confess that sometimes I even spent more time studying at school than it was necessary for a child, and now I see that I would better pay more attention to physical training and hobbies. This is another aspect of education that I am interested in now: how to be effective within the minimum time frame. I know it is possible if one sets one’s goals and manages time effectively, but I did not really know it well at school, so it was often time consuming. As a child, I learned how to read and write quite early, and I also could recite long poems aloud even before I could read and write. Everyone thought I was a gifted child, and it appeared to be true at school. However, my experience showed that talent is not enough to be successful in learning or a job. This is why I think so much about education now and what elements it takes for the whole to be effective. School education was quite illustrative in this respect as while having a gift I did not always have motivation. There were several factors why I was good at some subjects and worse at others. The major factor, which I realize now, was a teacher. There were several teachers who were masters, and some that were not. By being a good teacher I mean not only having good knowledge but an ability to create an atmosphere and motivation, and make students think on their own. When I think about the difference between school and college education, I realize that college approach is more interesting, because it is meant for adult people who take responsibility. It is not authoritarian, but it leaves much space to individual research and contribution. The difference between school and college is in the fact that students have to study at school while they choose to do so at college. Thus, a college degree is an opportunity for me to place myself into a totally different environment, which is more mature and motivating. Besides, I think that college education is able to provide the best knowledge of the field that I chose for my future career so metaphorically speaking, college is a foundation for a house that I am going to build.

Secondly, one cannot deny that college is a social place. In this sense, it looks like a small model of a bigger world, so it is able to provide a good experience of being a member of society. As for me, I hope to meet new and interesting people with whom I could share my ideas. I know that college is a complex organism to which every member can contribute apart from studies. It is the first place before real job where people can explore and apply their talents and aspirations. Indeed, this factor is important to me, because it gives an opportunity to learn how to be useful in society. It is a chance to “try on” certain social and professional roles and see where I can be most successful and what gives me inspiration. I want to learn how to deal with people successfully, so my dream is to carry out several social projects which would involve participation of other people.

Thirdly, my idea is that education is not a diploma or a certificate, which one can show off. For me, education is a necessary element at any stage of life, and it is a life-long process. So, it would be wrong to expect that college would satisfy all my needs in education for a lifetime. Instead, I hope that it will help me learn how to educate myself in the most effective ways. Indeed, college is mostly about self-education, which looks attractive for me, because I know that I will have to do this in my future life too after I finish college. In this sense, college is a good training of intellectual and emotional efficiency, and introduction of the best learning techniques. I have explored different learning styles so far and discovered that the style that fits me best is kinesthetic. This means that I learn from practical activities more than from pure theory. Research, reports, interviews, using physical objects and role-play have always been the strategies that suit me best. In many aspects, college education is more open to these types of work, which means I have an excellent opportunity to fulfill my potential.

Thus, there are several major reasons why I want to pursue a college degree. First of all, I think that college is a foundation for one’s career, because it gives one an opportunity to get the best available knowledge in a certain field. Secondly, education is more than a collection of facts and ideas; it is a way to implement them at a social level. Thus, learning effective communication and coordination of project and people is an important aspect to me. Finally, college education is also about the methods of self-education and choosing the right strategies, which will be clearly useful to me in future. My idea is that education is a life-long process, so it is important to learn the basic methods at college in order to apply them effectively in one’s further education. My learning style is kinesthetic, which is not always practiced the best way at school but more acceptable at college, where more practical projects are waiting for me to implement them.

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