Why College Is Important to Me? Essay Sample

Why College Is Important to Me?

The majority of students choose going to college after finishing school, because they want to be educated people instead of working at a low-paid job and facing the consequent problems. If a person wants to get a profitable occupation that he or she will like, it is important to be well-educated.

The select of college is a very serious practice. It is said that when one chooses the college, he chooses simultaneously his future. Before determining the future college and work, a person should know all his highs and laws. In order to define the most appropriate job, it is necessary to write on the paper all the skills, values, and interests one possesses. Consequently, a person will be able to understand better his opportunities and can chose a suitable profession. It is the easiest way to analyze own traits and determine the future occupation.

Nowadays many people dispute about the importance of college degree. This question is very acute for the society, and the decision of entering the university seems to be a serious one. There is a sentence written by Patty Murray: “A good education means learning to read, write and most importantly learn how to learn so that you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up”.

I completely agree with this citation, because the college helps people to be more adult and mature. In addition, it teaches how to learn, and these skills are very useful for every person.

Nowadays there exist many professions, and they are all important for the society. Every student must understand that it is a great necessity to study a lot for being professional. I want to become a doctor, as this profession is very interesting for me. Surely, it is connected with a great responsibility, since it deals with the most important things for every person, namely health and life. It is said that a person’s life depends on doctor’s knowledge, and I completely agree with this statement. The doctor worries and cares daily about the patients. Since ancient times, this profession has been very prestigious. There are some reasons why I have decided to be a doctor. The doctor’s profession is one of the most profitable jobs in the world. The statistic shows that a doctor earns about 190,000 dollars yearly, and certainly the salary of a real professional is more than 350,000 dollars a year. It means that being a doctor, I can do what I like and also provide good and comfortable life for me and my family.

Secondly, I want to help and care about people, to save their lives, and improve their health. Moreover, since my childhood I have always helped and treated animals. Apparently, this inspired me to choose this profession.

It is very significant to become an experienced doctor. Therefore, college is important to me. In addition, being a college student is good opportunity to find friends and enjoy communication with them.

Education in college helps students to be good professionals and teaches them to live in a certain way. They learn how to deal with difficult situations and find the appropriate solutions. College degree helps to make life better, feel independent, and assert in the society. There is nothing more valuable in the world than feeling that one is doing his favorite business, helps people, and saves their lives.

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