The Youth Impact Program Essay Sample

The Youth Impact Program

The youth impact program is a youth program based in Ogden, Utah. The program focused nurturing young people into people with positive values, attitudes and skills essential for a better life. During its early beginning, the program acted as an avenue for bringing teens of the Irish catholic and protestant faiths together. After the teens left the United States they become bridges of communication and understanding in Ireland.The positive impact necessitated the continuity of the project in Ogden. Ogden hosts two of the poorest neighborhoods in the state of Utah. Young people, especially those coming from the poorer neighborhood are faced with myriad of challenges.

The youths from Ogden are faced by the lack of adequate resources essential to nurture psychological, social and academic development. They also lack an equally safe and supportive environment that allows them to be themselves, develop their talents and pursue their dreams.

The youth impact program main aim was to focus on responding to the needs of these young people through various approaches that encompass the uniqueness of each person. The program targets young people between the 4th and 12th grades. Targeting a person at a young age is an effective strategy, since at this age it easy to instill positive values and attitudes that a child will need later on in the future. Proving mentorship, modeling and support to children also enable them to develop positive attitudes and development that will be essential in their lives in the future.The youth impact project is open to any child within the eligible age irrespective of race and social background (Richardson, 2006). The program purposes to provide an environment where children can learn and play together without any hindrances.

During the time I attended, the youth impact program, I was able to learn how to relate with my fellow age mates as well as my elders. This is an aspect that most youths lack, most of us feels like we are mature enough and we do not need any one to guide us in whatever we want to do. Due to peer pressure, we end up messing up in our lives and thus regretting over our past actions. In my case, I was able to learn how to fight peer pressure and mostly since most of my friends are always associated with funny characters. I was able to learn how to retain these friends while I ensured that they did not influence me badly.

The program also helped me to understand that I needed to help my friends to change in a positive perspective so as to avoid getting involved in problems. It is always normal and common that once your friends has been caught in a mistake, then the teachers or parents will start to investigate those people who are mostly involved and move around with this child. People believe that once character could be highly influenced by the kind of company he moves around with. As a result, once your friend is caught in trouble you will also suffer in one way or another. I managed to comprehend that, teenage life is full of funny experiences and if one is not careful on the way you control this certain face of your life, then one might end up messing around his live completely.

I was also able to learn on the importance of developing close relationships with my parents and my age mates as well. As a youth one needs to be vey open with the parents, for a girl, your mom should be a very close friend to you while boys the father should be close as well. These are the people who have ones personal interest at heart, they always wish to see their children prosper and succeed in life. As a result they really understand what one is going through and due to the fact that they were once teenagers, and actually they may have gone through the same things one is experiencing, they have the answers to most of our questions out of experience. It is also good to discuss some issues with ones age mates. This are the people who are actually going through the same experiences as you so maybe they could be of help to you by offering guidance either from ones experience or from what she has acquired from her parent or elders. This will actually help to exchange ideas about life or other important issues thus enhancing ones personal development (Sowers, 2008).

The Organization, youth impact program, has of late acquired sponsor ship form various other organizations that are out to support the great and hard role that this organization actually plays in the society. These organizations provide funding and other essential resources necessary for the program to carry out its activities. It performance in response to children issues continues to attract more support that will facilitate the organization reach more children. Since the program provides support to a large number of children coming from different parts of Ogden and its surrounding areas, the program has enlisted the services of volunteers and staff who have skills essential for providing various programs necessary for nurturing young children.

The youth impact program leadership and management is led by a team of various directors. The project directors include people coming from various academic, business fields and social backgrounds including men and women. The outline of the board ensures that the organization has good leadership. Having a diverse leadership ensures that the program has ideas and ability that will ensure that it continues to reach out to more children now and in the future. The growth and development and attractiveness of the organization have attracted a lot of support to the organization from volunteers who provide critical support that enhance the effectiveness of the program. In every semester, the Weber State University, which is a key partner to the program, has no less than 120 students volunteering with the program.

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From the time I spent at the youth impact program, I was able to enhance my experience in the social work. I managed to learn how to deal with different characters of people. In social work, I expect to meet many people who are actually from different backgrounds and people who are actually going through different issues. How I approach and treat people during my research work, will really determine how these people will react. I was able to understand that my social work career was aimed at improving the quality of life and the well being of other people in the community or in a different community. The youth program was out to offer guidance to the youths to ensure that they were not actually succumbed by peer pressure.

From the experienced I gained, I think that I actually stand a better position to help the women and the girl child who are actually going through sexual harassment in Utah as well as all over the continent. I think that I can also be I a position to help all those people who are undergoing human rights violations (Richardson, 2006). I managed to have a deeper understanding of what human rights violations entailed, I also managed to understand how far an organization would go when trying to defend an individual and the appropriate steps to apply , I learned on the need and power of team work .

In conclusion, I can contend that, the Youth Impact Program, team of staff is fully dedicated to offer guidance to the youths as well as ensure the development and growth of the organization. The members of staff include individual with various skills that are necessary for implementing such a program.The staff members include counselors and social workers. Hence, the staff is able to provide full time support to the children especially with unique challenges or those having problems that need counseling and follow-up support. Having a full time staff ensures that the organization has people dedicated to providing all-time support and the development of the program. The staff is responsible for planning, development of programs, ensuring that each activity is implemented as expected and most importantly, every child receives the support they require.This ensures that the organization has its activities all year round.

I was able to understand that the programs activities ensure that the program adequately response to the physical, mental and emotional needs of the young people. These programs include open rec, outdoor activities, recreation activities, arts and crafts, team sports and transition program. To support these activities the programs facility a game room, playgrounds, study hall, provides transportation to and from the facility and the organization provides daily meals and snacks. The program also help me to understand that one needs to be fully responsible at taking the full accountability of his life, I also understood that we need to respect others as we expect them to do unto us.

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From the experience I gained, I think that I can now serve in a social- based- organization so as to help more people realize how they could improve their living conditions and status. I have always perceived a dream of saving and fighting for the rights of women who are still undergoing sexual harassments from men, I think time has now come since I feel that I am now armed enough with the right information and steps on how to go about this whole issue. I am also glad that the organization came to the rescue of the Utah youths who are actually at the risk and affected by peer pressure, as well as pressure to be involved in drug and theft activities so as to meet their daily needs most of them their family backgrounds are so poor that they can not afford to offer them their daily needs. Others have actually dropped out of school due to lack of school fees as a result some feel lost and confused and end up making the wrong decisions in their lives which later make them to mess up.

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