The Personal Statement Essay Sample

The Personal Statement

My academic goal is to complete my education which I halted when I decided to join my career. I have returned to school in my mid thirties and I find reading challenging, since most classes have concepts from high school which I was unable to complete. The injury, the scars and the painful medicines make my learning even more challenging as I sometimes lack concentration. I am eager to complete my degree once to strengthen my position in the workplace. My plan is: quarter by quarter, one inch closer to my degree. I am taking math and foreign language classes and since making my commitment to Eastern Washington University I am able to break into the upper level classes and have a great variety of learning opportunities. However, I was turned down by financial problem this quarter, as I never had enough money to pay pockets. I plan to be back for winter quarter as a full time student.

The year 2004 witnessed my fall after a horrifying accident which changed my life. I lost my job as I could not work. I spent twelve months in the hospital taking limitless drugs to save my life. In 2006, I went for three vertebrae surgeries that did not work. I went back for another surgery in 2008, and this worked a bit. After the 2008 surgery, I joined classes there and have made it to a junior level. My family has stretched beyond their ability for my medication. We have lost our home, credits, cars and other assets. There is no insurance or retraining team supporting my academics. I need this scholarship and it has been the driving force for finishing my degree. This scholarship will help me complete my degree.

Career goals are the most challenging thing for me to define. My resume does not quite following my abilities and my desires don't always equate to the monetary benefit for my family. My first career goal is to reenter the workforce and fulfill my sense of belonging. We do not want to relocate, although I would never say no to the right offer. My passion to help people and my desire to change the credit reporting system allows me to direct my efforts into something that is rewarding and gives me an ability to make a difference. As a transition point, I intend on devoting more time to community service functions. I've been out of the workforce for nearly seven years and I need to ensure that my communication skills can be applied to real life functions. I have applied to the Shriners hospital and have started the process of becoming a Mason and Shriner to use my free time and my talents for the good of children less fortunate than we have been.

I was sent to Job Corps during my Freshman Year of High School. I was enrolled in the mechanics program, and GED testing classes as both required to graduate from the program. I started in the auto program and began working with cars and trucks from the center. I quickly excelled in the class and was given a greater responsibility and started helping other students while I was given my jobs outside of the training classes.

After graduating from the Job Corp, I started my career in management. I was a leader of an auto program. I learned how to remove engines, repair and replace all types of car parts. I also learned about voltage and the specifics of a cars wiring. In addition, I worked with the race car that raced out of the center. This taught me high performance engine tuning and fuel mixing skills. Besides the auto center, I was gaining skills to take the GED test. All of this learning was done on computers. When the computers failed, I was the only student who could take it apart and fix it. The most important thing I learned were the ability to lead people who only follow their belief sor buy-ins. I also learned how to stick to a schedule, how to be responsible. These skills are the reason I got the job as an auto stereo salesman at Everything Stereo and my career in Retail Management.

In 2004, I worked with Sprint PCS (Ubiquitel PCS) Regional Sales Manager, Indirect Sales & Franchise development. My professional objective is to obtain a position that I can utilize my previous career experiences and continue my professional development. With a Positive “Hands on” Attitude leadership always adds great strength to the teams and keeps me a top rated leader among my peers. Kindly consider me for the scholarship.

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