«The Mystery of the Mona Lisa's Smile» Essay Sample

The Mystery of the Mona Lisa

No any other painting in the history of art is admired and discussed so much like Mona Lisa painting of a great artist Leonardo Da Vinci. It was painted in 1506 on a piece of pine wood. The enigmatic smile has caused much speculation.

The model’s expression seems to emit happiness as you look into her eyes. It looks like the beauty is happy with something and shows the purity of her heart. In my opinion, she is thinking about her painting that was being made looking at Da Vinci and smiling when she was thinking about how the painting would look like. It looks like the model is living a happy life, and her soul is pure from all the bad things. Her mind is free from all tensions of the world.

I have met lots of people in my life, and I can distinguish between persons smiling naturally by heart and willing or trying to smile in front of others. In this painting, the smile looks so natural and pure-hearted while looking into her eyes that I found it no difficult to express my point.

As I discussed earlier, I judged the picture by looking into the lady’s eyes and, according to my limitations, this kind of smile is the symbol of pure heartedness and is free of any guilt. You can name it naturalistic observation. In psychology, a criteria is to be set to improvise the achievements. A researcher in psychology can make some limitations to relief himself in the work. I did the same here applying the limits so that by differentiating in natural (pure smile) and unnatural smile I can make a view of people’s mind.

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