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The Loneliest Day of My Life

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The Loneliest Day of My Life

I opened my eyes early in the morning and understood that nothing had changed since yesterday. Heavy rain was pouring through the darkness of the sky covered with grey clouds.  I closed my eyes. The next thing I remember is a roof of a house. I had never had an inclination for suicide. It was solitude that had brought me to this place. I found shelter under the covering on the roof and listened to music on my player.

Then I found myself walking in the center of the city. People rushing around seemed to be innocent of my trouble, but my disgust for them was so intense that I closed my eyes. My player turned on “Lonely Day” by System of a Down, and I felt so miserable it seemed I was the last living creature on the planet. I opened my eyes and found out that the city was hurrying on, and I was the only person that stood still and looked around. I decided to conceal from the view of the crowd, though no one took notice of me anyway.

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I turned around the corner. Heaven knows how long I had been walking until an old chapel appeared in front of me. It towered majestically in the greenery, completely hidden from the rush of the city.

As I was walking towards the chapel, it stopped raining, and a few beams of the sun breached through the dark clouds. I looked upwards while the sun was slowly bursting through the clouds. Without an idea why I came up to the chapel and sat down on its half-destroyed stairs. A pleasant fragrance touched my nostrils. I regained my consciousness with a peaceful smile on my face. What a gorgeous view opened to my sight! I realized that I had not seen all those beautiful trees and blossoming carpets of flowers being busy with my mournful thoughts. Somehow I felt a slight relief. How can one be so absorbed by this transitory life paying no heed to the beauty of nature? Suddenly I came to my senses, and an evident solution for my problem was born in my head. I was glad to have endured such a day.

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