Statement of Purpose Essay Sample

Statement of Purpose

How the world would be if governments across the world would provide the vital social services to its citizen. My great dissatisfaction with the status quo is what has propelled my great desire to undertake an undergraduate degree in social studies.

Initially I had an interest in public health and therapy. A field which I strongly believed would impact positively on peoples. It later occurred to me that social studies would have more impact since I would meet people on a face to face level. I had never thought of the great plight that people across the world particularly face in developing. My recent voluntary internship at a local children center was a major eye opener and a paradigm shifter. It changed my perception and view being a social worker and a project manager. In my final year of senior high school, I undertook an internship with a survey company that researched on various social issues facing the communities living. The internship further cemented my new found passion. My experience with the survey company, and my numerous seminars and workshops on social studies and social injustices globally confirmed my growing interest in this field.

My main motivation in undertaking this degree is; at the end of the program I will have obtained the training and technique required to carry out large scale social service. The Compulsory Industrial internship in my final year will provide a vital opportunity to understand my task ahead. The school has a great wealth of experienced and dedicated lecture. I relish gaining knowledge from them.

I get great inspiration from the much dedicated faculty members. In particular, Professor Jeffry A Simpson. It would be a great honor working with him. He has continued to my role model. His experience and great interest in social work are admirable. He has continued to contribute positively to the society with his wise advice and apt consultative skills. He has great interpersonal relationship with both his students and to his fellow staff. He has perfected the art of motivating students and influencing them to their best. He has made findings on social behavior, social influence and personality.

The University would help me achieve my goals of furthering my interest in social studies. Through the specialized coursework offered as part of the country’s social program curriculum, I’m confident I will obtain this vital knowledge. Since the internship, my interest in social studies has grown. I welcome the challenge of serving large communities and participating in such an ever dynamic and challenging field of social work. What if we could live in a world with no poverty? What if we could live in a world where people have proper shelter and access to quality education? These are the questions I wish to find the answers in my career both as a social studies student and a professional.

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