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I would like to start my speech with a wise statement uttered by Miguel De Cervantes. Once he said that “diligence is the mother of good fortune, and idleness, its opposite, never brought a man to the goal of any of his best wishes”. I always tried to demonstrate diligence at any position I occupied and this trait of character helped me to achieve success, learn useful information and acquire new skills I possess now. In combination with creativity and burning desire to become a good specialist diligence helped me to perform well at all posts I occupied. That is why my previous experience became a splendid background for a new position I am applying now. Moreover, I have enough knowledge and skills due to my previous experience to share with other students.

Each of the posts I occupied taught me to communicate with people and handle various challenges. I learnt to work in team and value each person’s point of view. Moreover, I learnt how to accept criticism and react to it in a proper way. I understood that it is normal to make mistakes and be criticized because these things are the components of success and hard work. Thus, I worked as office manager, student caller, receptionist, and also occupied a position at customer service. Being an office manager gave me an opportunity to manage, administer, and oversee the functions and work of the clinic. I was also responsible for the business aspects of the medical clinic, and worked in cooperation with the medical officers and other members of the staff. Here I was responsible for medical equipment and should have to order new equipment when it was necessary. This position taught me to be attentive and responsible. I also had an opportunity to practice my leadership skills and establish friendly relations with all the people I worked with. I think that they will be very useful for the position I am applying for and help me to handle any challenges I may face.

Being a receptionist I tried to do everything beforehand and stick to this very habit now. It turned to be useful at all other positions I occupied and shall occupy in the future. So, my personality possesses the following traits that will be essential for occupying the position I am applying: diligence, ability to organize my own time, background knowledge in the field, creativity, ability to communicate with people, good leadership skills, burning desire to learn more about the field, enthusiastic mood, patience, accuracy, ability to oppose stressful situations, and handle unpredictable challenges. I am going to bring all these traits of my character to the company in order to work hard and achieve the best results.

I understand that it is impossible to become a good specialist if you do not know how to improve your skills and never make an attempt to do that. That is why I devote much time to my professional growth and read a lot of various sources on Pharmacy and human health. This helps me to analyze the data and use it when I have such a possibility. I am also a member of several professional organizations. They are the following ones: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, Academy of Student Pharmacists, International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation, California Society of Health-System Pharmacists, alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc; Omicron Delta Kappa National Honor Society, Order of Omega National Honor Society, and Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society. The information I get with the help of the above-mentioned membership is very interesting and useful for my would-be profession. I am going to use it in the process of working as well.

I am sure that sometimes it will be necessary to complete some project or task from scratch. It is not difficult for me to do that as I am a creative person and like the process of coping with difficult and new tasks. Moreover, I have already had such experience. Thus, when I was involved in the Sorority, I had to cope with multiple programs that should have been implemented annually. So, I worked hard in order to find relevant resources to complete the program and cooperated with other members of the Sorority to gather additional information. People are the bearers of information and that is why I tried to cooperate with them in order to get the data I needed for my research or program. This method never betrayed me and I think I shall apply it again.

All people have some unique skill or talent; these things make them valuable for the team they work with. As for me, I always put much effort to every activity I do and it is one more skill I am able to bring both to the CSHP team and specifically CSHP Central Valley Liaison and/or Secretary. Moreover, I am aware of all the responsibilities that should be taken by one who occupies this position and I am sure that I shall be able to cope with them due to my previous experience and desire to be good at this position. I understand that this profession requires much work. Nevertheless, I am eager to occupy this post because it will open new horizons for me thanks to numerous contacts with professionals and an opportunity to gain new experience. To tell the truth, I am looking forward to starting working at this position as I have proper experience and all necessary skills for it.

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