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"Self Introduction" Essay Sample

Self Introduction

Dear Members of the Board,

I appreciate this golden opportunity to introduce myself to you. I have great hopes to joining XYZ Company, and become part and parcel of the focused community.

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My desire to be a member of this building is incomparable. I have visited the site severally. The age group mixture in the building makes me encouraged as this is a real society. The building is centrally located with easy access. My love for it made me enjoy a neighborhood. This appears to be the best are which fulfils all my desires.

I confidently confirm to you that, I am the best candidate to join this building. My past experiences make me a qualified candidate without doubts. I schooled in several private schools in my childhood. I joined Hong Kong International School and Fettes College Boarding Shool in Scotland where I graduated with good honors. I hold a degree in Media and Humanities which I acquired in New York University. Since I became independent at a young age, I am responsible enough to live in the building comfortably.

Athletics has been my talent. I have various charities, as I participated in marathon runs in Scotland. This is evident in Maggie’s Caring Cancer Center where I raised cool cash to establish the center through running. This was between 2003 and 2005. All those who attended private schools in Scotland had to go through military program. This means that I have a military certificate after successful completion of one year training.

Entrepreneurship is another interest in me. For the last two years; I have initiated a business which specializes with ladies’ shoes and Swarovski crystals. My plan is complete, and II will establish a production company in China early next year.

Family relationship is very crucial to me. My parents and sister live in New Jersey, which is not too far from here. They have been supporting me in every endeavor, and I work hard never to let them down.

I am responsible and financially stable. Being a young woman from a prominent family in Hong Kong, my trust fund guarantees that, am financially secure.

Importantly, I am eager to join other residents in this building and live my life happily thereafter. I desire living is a cool environment which I can comfortably call home.

I will appreciate your considerations. I look forward to your response. Please contact me for any clarifications and questions.

Thank you in advance. 

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