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Self Evaluation

In this short essay, I am evaluating myself on English 100. When the term began, I set objectives which I had to meet by the time the term came to an end. The objectives are that, by the end of this term, I should be able to speak correct grammar, read English texts fluently, express myself fluently in English, practice speaking with a perfect English accent and build my vocabulary bank.

I have achieved most of these objectives because I can now read a text fluently without stammering enabling me to understand the meaning easily. I am able to express myself fluently and with confidene, maintaining eye contact with my listeners. As I speak I now use the new vocabulary which I have learnt in this course. I now know that words that have the same meaning are synonyms and those words, which have an opposite meaning to others, are antonyms.

I have been able to meet these objectives by studying the course texts seriously, by doing all my assignments, ensuring that I attend all my classes asking the teacher questions where I do not understand and detailed study during my personal time.

I have not been able to speak English with a proper accent. I have learnt that it takes quite a long time to acquire it. It takes a lot of practice and determination.

From this course, I have learnt that for me to be efficient in English, I have to acquire proper skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Without which I will still be inefficient. I have attained most of these goals because I can now read a text confidently without stumbling enabling me to comprehend the meaning with no trouble. I am also able to express myself fluently with self-confidence, keeping eye contact with my listeners. As I express myself, I now use the new vocabulary which I have learnt in this course.

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