Relating the Story to my Life Experience Essay Sample

Relating the Story to my Life Experience

High context culture can be defined as that habit of using high situation messages instead of using low situation messages in everyday communication. This kind of communication is shared by people who have the same problems and fears in life. The group of people or individuals engaged in high context communication tends to share the same experiences as well as expectations; conclusions can be drawn from this experiences and expectations. In other terms is saying something without giving explanation and that thing is understood, can be said to be what high context culture.

The story of Doc and Suzy whereby they use high context culture in their communication to point out their weaknesses as well as fear in their lives is something that I once experienced in my life. I once meet John in a restaurant for a cup of coffee. This meeting was meant to discuss our progress in our careers. In the first thirty minutes the meeting was so interesting and enjoyable. We managed to discuss a number of issues that affected our careers and lives.

In the process of our discussion we started pointing out our weaknesses and failures in life. The discussion turned out to be a war of words. John did say that I was destined to fail in my career due to my lose behavior of sleeping around with women. To counteract his accusation I told him of his unethical behavior of engaging in illegal transactions within the work place.

I reminded him of the murder that he did take part in with an aim of hiding the truth. I wish I had not uttered this statement as it made John worried and withdrawn from the discussion. His mood suddenly changed and he left the restaurant in a hurry. This one of the most crucial experience in my life that I can relate with the story of Doc and Suzy.

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