Personal Statement of Graphics Design for College Essay Sample

Personal Statement of Graphics Design for College

I am a person who is very interested in art. Creativity, uniqueness and originality of the ideas are my goal. I hope after completing the courses at MidKent College, I will continue to study in my chosen field at University of Kent and make a professional art career. I want to study graphic design, because I have always had a very high interest in everything that is around art and it always fascinated me. I put heart and soul into my works and pushing myself for an extra mile. I feel myself only in this field, only here I can express myself and find inner peace. For that reason I prefer my future life in graphics design area.

Why graphics design?

I am quite strong in painting, I have drawings and paintings in my art collection, but painting is my hobby. I enjoy the pleasure to apply clotted dyes on the fragrant canvases.

But in the future I do not want to turn my hobby into just routine work, from which it is difficult to make a living, because unfortunately is not a secret that many artists recognized by world after death only. Only then will their work access and develop into a true sense.

In order to utilize my talents and abilities, I prefer the other art response – graphics design. I think it will be very perspective for our growing and evolving the world. I am familiar with various types of graphic software such as the Adobe Suite including Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and InDesign. I am also highly capable on both Windows PC and Apple Mac. I know how to use Office software, using it throughout my time in school.

Why did I choose to study abroad?

I love my country and thank those people who have seen what I am able to do and they recognized and assessed me. However, it is disappointing, but Lithuania is not that country, where I could realize my potential. I want to study abroad because more opportunities for students are provided there. I will meet new people and discover different cultures.

I can pursue my passion in Art and Design, to learn more about the different disciplines and to develop my creative thinking. Art is not only a choice of future profession, it is and will always be my life choice.

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