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Personal Statement

Becoming a translator has long been my cherished dream. I admire helping other people to understand each other and I am good at law. That is why I want to become a professional translator working at court. I have chosen this very profession thanks to my passion for the English language and the presence of some essential experience in this sphere. First of all, I got a degree in law and English in Poland and understood that I cannot imagine my future without these two fields. Then, I worked as a legal adviser in the same country. All the positions I occupied helped me to gain experience and acquire the skills that are useful for my would-be profession. Thus, I worked as a volunteer (victim support) at court, as an admin support, and translator in London. The experience I received with the help of these positions seems to be a good basis for continuing my career of a professional translator. That is why I am applying to your college. I understand that it is impossible to become a professional translator without a proper education and practice. I am sure that your college is the best one to get these things.

I think that is it not enough just to know English and law well in order to become a professional translator. It is also necessary to be active in life and acquire perfect communication skills. That is why I study human and life philosophy. I think these subjects are very helpful for translators. Moreover, I love sport as it encourages me to achieve various goals in life and be enthusiastic. It is not enough for a good translator just to know the words and phrases; it is extremely important to understand how to present information in the best way for the person to percept it. This peculiarity makes the profession of a translator very interesting for me and I am ready to devote all my life to it.

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