My Memorable Vacation Essay Sample

My Memorable Vacation


I would like to tell a story about my experience in a province where I was on holiday last summer. While I was spending time with my relatives, particularly with my grandparents, I was able to reflect about life in general. In the province, life is different as compared to that of the city. It is simpler and more refreshing because of the natural environment. People talk with each other a lot since they lack the technology.

The experience I got on my vacation has had a significant impact on me. It has made me realize that reading and writing are very important to my future career. The understanding that I got was just an accident. I did not really intend to reflect on my life. I just wanted to be with my grandparents and cousins. Our holidays are usually spent on reunions and renewal of the relationships with relatives. However, the peacefulness in the rural areas really forces you to analyze and think about your life. This actually happened to me. This is the central theme of my story that relates to reading and writing.

My Ideal Life 

When we arrived at the province, I was able to think about my life most of the time. Without anything to do except helping our grandparents in doing the household chores, I searched for something to read. I came across a magazine named Present Truth Magazine. There are many places where one can read in my grandparents’ big house. I chose the one outside under a big tree where the air was really fresh, and the sounds of birds were soothing. I was sitting alone and reading the mentioned magazine. I was amazed at how the calmness of the surrounding motivated me to read it seriously.

As a result, I learned a lot of information that led me to speculate about my life. I realized that the first thing that we have to think about is to define what life is. It was stated that life pertains to all the things that make us human. Being people means acknowledging that we have certain basic desires and wants. There are necessities that have to be fulfilled such as the food, shelter, and clothing. In addition, there are also things that we desire but that are not fundamental to the existence of our bodies such as freedom, justice, and the like.

To attain a meaningful life, we have to be connected to our environment. This implies that as people acquire their basic necessities from the environment, they are also obligated to take care of or nurture the physical surroundings. Unity with nature is one of the factors that design a life environment. Being human also means connecting with other people. An ideal life environment should contain a way of relating harmoniously with the people in our surroundings. Respect, dignity, and approval coming from others are important to obtain if one wants to have a perfect life environment.

Apparently, in designing one’s life environment, it is suggested that the most important consideration are the things that make a person feel fulfilled. Self-awareness and the improvement of one’s own emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual aspects have to be accomplished. Present Truth Magazine asserts that the specific features that are essential to reach this are pure air, clean water, good food, adequate sunlight, correct posture, regular exercise, adequate rest, regular and useful habits, proper hygiene, and right mental attitude.

As I was inspired by the mentioned magazine, I wrote about my ideal life environment. In connection to the stated above requirements of the perfect life atmosphere, I have described a dream home located in a rural area where the surrounding has lots of trees, flowers and other plants. I want my future home to be near a mountainous territory where the view is soothing and relaxing. In this kind of location, the sunlight is certainly bright, and the air is cool and fresh. The water that is suitable for drinking should come from a deep well. In addition, the place should have a tropical climate. There should be three seasons in a year: summer, rainy, and winter. This kind of environment makes me think and reflect about important things in my life.

I also included the design of the house into my description. The decoration of the house is a combination of exotic designs and modern forms. The walls are made of hard wood, and painted in the colors of the natural environment like brown, light green and light blue. In addition, the modern facilities such as the refrigerator, television, DVD player, and others are built into the walls. There should be a lot of space for movement. I would say that I would like my home to be in a minimalist style with a minimum of furniture and maximum of room. I would also like to have my own reading and writing room with a dim light lamp shade and far from the entertainment area. This should be a place where I can enjoy my solitude.

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I also wrote about my workplace. It is secured and air-conditioned. Of course, I would like to have my own office where I would be able to work privately and free from any distractions. The walls of my office should be filled with abstract and impressionist paintings. They create an impression of calmness and serenity that are conducive to the intellectual work. I like the work environment that has a combination of impersonality and casuality. Wearing casual clothes should be allowed in my work environment because it helps me feel comfortable. My colleagues should be approachable and professional because I like to work in a place where there is a harmonious relationship among workers.

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