My Life Lesson Essay Sample

My Life Lesson

Sometimes, only stressful life situations are able to teach us how to become more responsible and behave consciously. Of course, when the issue of a proper behavior refers to a child, it seems to me that it is justified mainly by one’s immaturity. Nonetheless, many changes in our understanding of the world come in retrospect with relation to the cases that make us rethink our deeds, words, or actions. The task set for us for this class allowed me reconsidering my life events for significance; thus, one striking occurrence dated back to my ten-year-old age came to my mind. It was a story about me and my little cousin, who is now one of my closest persons I cannot imagine my life without. Even after some years passed, this life episode reminds me that we should be attentive to people around and learn from the educative issues that happen with us.

However, being a ten-year-old girl, I was rather pessimistic as since my sixth birthday, I lived with a thought that I hated my cousin immensely. She has practically stolen my childhood, because I was obliged to take care of her all the time and had this tiny and curious tail everywhere I went.

Anyway, at the moment when the incident occurred, Sonia was about to fall out of the window. She tried to reach the violets in flowerpots under the window sill in our cozy living room and waved to her little friends in the yard. We lived on the eighth floor, and it was only the silk tulle that served as a heaven-sent opportunity for her to keep hanging in the mid air. At that time, I was playing the piano typically ignoring my four-year-old cousin and did not even notice she was in danger. Luckily, my mother saw Sonia in such a position, but did not panic. She said calming herself down, “Sonia, honey, could you, please, help me with washing the dishes?” This naughty little girl adored such an activity and got out of the tulle trap to assist her aunt in bathing cups, spoons, and plates under the warm water flow. Only then, I managed to turn around and met my mother’s terrified eyes overwhelmed with tears. She had never yelled at me for that event, but that look was enough to understand what could have happened… I had almost no sleep that night and sorted through a million of thoughts for several hours.

It was a shocking but eye-opening issue at the same time, which made me realize that close people are the dearest ones. When I imagined that Sonia could have fallen down from the eight-floor height, this made me shake with horror. Previously, I was somehow sure that if she disappeared from my life, I would have an opportunity to breath easily and live the way I wanted at last. Thinking over that day, I remembered how she nestled by me gently when I was about to read her a tale before sleep, and a wave of warmth embraced my soul. She was not a burden: she was my cousin I supposed to protect. Since that moment, I accepted that conclusion as a great responsibility I had carried till our actual maturity.

With this event, I have come to realize that my hate was simply a kind of whim, and attentiveness to people around, especially Sonia, should have become my duty from now on. I could not have such a disgusting feeling of hate to this little girl with angel-like pure eyes. Moreover, the only remembrance of Sonia’s image veiled with the tulle brought me back to reality at hand. This shocking picture has become my personal label of being responsible always.

To summarize, this event is my life-long hint for being attentive to my close people that has become one of the most salient life-lesson experiences for me. Due to Sonia’s flight that luckily did not happen, I learned to appreciate each moment with everyone who is dear to my heart, and I believe this is the most valuable lesson that the life could have given to me.

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