My Life Experiences Shape the View of My World Essay Sample

My Life Experiences Shape the View of My World

"Nothing is permanent but change" said the ancient Greek philosopher Geraklit. The whole universe obeys this delightful, mysterious and comprehensive law of nature and the human with its internal world is not an exception. Why am I changing day after day throughout all my life? It happens so not just because of changes in my outlook, psychological needs, interests and priorities. It is also the case due to events that occur to me, the people I meet and their life stories, worthy of attention and surprise, truths that I learn – all these things do influence me. More succinctly it can be said that my life experience changes me.

Thanks to my life experience I have understood that when suffering because of shortcomings of somebody it is necessary to remember that I could find the same drawbacks in me. Many times in my life I had to deal with people that were capable of meanness, hypocrisy, deceit, self-interest and egoism. Feeling all weight and bitterness of such an attitude, I often waited from people something better. But when I started to analyze my own actions, I found that I acted sometimes even worse with others. So instead of complaining about the suffering these people have pledged on me, I realized that it is better to be grateful, because looking at them I can see myself. Having understood this truth, I have made the firm decision not to allow those imperfections to be in my heart anymore, because I did not want to cause sufferings of my relatives. Suffering from shortcomings of other people is a way to self-knowledge and personal growth.

Thanks to my life experience, I have understood that strength of mind of many disabled people is worthy to be a great example. Being a child, I saw how a blind man left a scientific library. There was a sighted person with him who, I guess, read him books which were not adapted for the blind. Thanks to a surprising aspiration of the blind to get knowledge, I have understood how it is important to search first of all for internal treasures which consist of wisdom, intellect, knowledge and kindness. The dignity and greatness of the humanity mission is in the cognition of the secrets of the universe when you are never pleased and satisfied with yourself, but always stay on the way of improvement. And I thought: if he, being blind, is ready to work so hard to acquire new knowledge then I should be able to work at least like him.

Watching the previous year Paralympics in London, I was impressed by the possibility, despite of physical disabilities, of achieving such great sport results. Paralympics athletes showed me that it is possible to rise above own weaknesses, and that fortitude and ability to trust yourself and not to surrender, even under difficult circumstances, are capable to create almost miracles. Disabled people are a striking example of faith in human capabilities.

Thanks to my life experiences I understand that we often cannot notice the gifts given to us by the destiny. I always thought that I was able to see all good things made for me and able to be grateful for them. When I visited children from the orphanage, however, I stopped to think so, because it became quite obvious for me how much I had and how little I was able to appreciate. Those children have allowed me to see the truth that I couldn't even guess about – how much my parents had made for me. They taught me to be more grateful to my parents for the life they had given me, love, home, care and guardianship. Those children taught me to see and estimate sincere parental sacrifice to me. They taught me to love my parents. Sometimes, in order to understand the value of my blessing I have to find somebody who is deprived of this blessing.

My life experiences are the great treasure, because they lead me to understanding of many important truths, such as an invincible fortitude of a human, ingratitude to close people and blindness about own shortcomings. Therefore, reasonable use of life experiences is the way to the endless self-perfection.

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