My Life before I Came to Christ Essay Sample

My Life before I Came to Christ

Part ONEMy life before I came to Christ. I grew up in a formally Christian family, which followed some religious traditions usual for my area. The only thing I knew about Jesus was that He had died two thousand years ago and resurrected three days later. I did not think much about my spiritual life; however I knew I was a sinner. I lived a life everybody around me lived and had no thoughts about salvation and life after death.

Part TWO ­– How I came to a cognitive knowledge of Who Jesus is and what He did for me. Although I was quite successful, I knew I live an empty life. One winter day my roommate, who was a believer, invited me to visit a youth Christian club, where young people discussed various important topics, read Bible and talked about Jesus Christ. I was impressed to see so much love from unknown people to me. After that they became my friends, and I met them regularly. I finally understood I needed God and His help, love and guidance. I finally got to know Who Jesus is and realized that He died for I could live. I started reading Bible and praying, and visiting church services. Now I can say I was not searching for God, but He found me.

Part THREECircumstances surrounding your conversion. My first deep prayer was said when I was along at home at the age of 16. I thanked God for everything He had given to me, especially that He had opened my eyes and had shown His love. Later I testified my faith at the church and accepted Jesus as my Savior since it was the only way to get salvation. I felt I shed my burden and knew Jesus took my sins and purified me by His blood. That was the happiest day in my life.

Part FOURHow would you describe your spiritual growth from the time you accepted Christ to today? After my first repentance I struggled against different temptations and had both victories and failures. Winnings give me strength to go on and advance, losses make me think over my life and values. I am dependent on God and love Him. Holy Spirit fills my heart and leads me in my daily life. God has used me to reach other people, those who are my friends, relatives and those whom I meet every day. My heart is full of love, but I know that it is God Who gives me this love and Who teaches me how to give this love to others. My favorite verse is in James 4 “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you”. That is the aim for all my life.

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