My life as a pirate Essay Sample

My life as a pirate

Chapter 1

Captain Millieur was a rogue man who was awkwardly formidable given the manner he used to tyrannize and patronize the crew on his pirate ship. Despite his wicked humor and callous demeanor, he was a connoisseur of women and ships. He could effortlessly spot a heavily loaded ship and knew where it kept its finest treasure. His amorous nature made him not spare women that came his way either as captives or prostitutes that he duped into becoming his sex slaves. He was a maestro of staging diabolical plans that even indiscriminately encompassed attacking missionary ships and he seldom failed in his endeavors which he executed with surgical precision. His prodigious accomplishments cowed even the navy that would appear unequivocally irresolute in the wake of their confrontation with Millieur. It goes without saying that he seldom lost the reprisal onslaughts despite the skulk tactics applied by his enemies to ambush him especially wherever docked with his miscreant crew which had operated with impunity never having being made to face the assize. His achievements made Captain Millieur the most condescending pirate in the Northern and Atlantic seas.

Chapter 2

One day, he assembled his crew onboard and gave them a rhapsody that was laced with anticipation yet it was replete with calumnies on people who would retreat from his master plan. As usual, Captain Millieur had his pet cockerel in a cage that hanged precariously above his head. His crew joked about him not coming into terms with the death of Miano his favorite parrot and therefore strangely chose the cockerel as a substitute.  With his timber voice, he lay out the itinerary stating the location of the targeted loot   in longitudes and latitudes. The venture was akin to a postscript of an attack they had lodged six months earlier which was arguably odious since they had many casualties despite it being their biggest loot.  At the closure of his speech, he made an unprecedented move of demonstrating a modicum of democracy by welcoming a commentary and even recommendations from the crew. He also made it clear that those who were not interested were free to leave. The crew found this to be incredulous although they grabbed this chance and lamented demonstrating the prejudice they had concerning the success of the plan. Captain Millieur ordered everyone to stand down and gave a sheepish smile as he promised immortality to those who were opting out of the plan due to fear of meeting their demise. He separated the handful of cowards from the ones ready for adventure. He made them to stand on the unprotected edge of the ship and told them to apply all the dexterity they had to fight the brave crew or else they were bound to fall into the deep sea. He had turned his loyal crew against those he suspected would cause mutiny during the expedition. The “cowards” were overwhelmed and plunged into the sea.

He gave a sarcastic eulogy for the fallen and psyched the loyal ones as they navigated towards their target at full speed. He did all this with one fearful though in his mind; he was going to encounter Captain Sinbad, master of the seven seas. This was his greatest adversary, as he sailed towards the South of Asia (Irwin, 2004).

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