My High School Experience Essay Sample

My High School Experience

My high school experience was full of havoc, but fantastic, and I must admit that I was both dismayed and thrilled when it ended. In my freshmen years, I kept wondering about my high school life. I lived and grew up in a town called Hohenwald, TN where I went to Lewis County Elementary and Lewis County Middle School. During this period I managed to expand my social life after meeting and hanging out with various people from diverse cultures. I actually believe that this moral boost helped me in turning my high school education around. As I went through my junior and senior years I made a great step and encountered few bumpy areas and upon finishing my education I felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction. My high school experience was great, and this is the basis of my paper.

To begin with, high school is full of challenges, although, it was a joyous moment in my life, it also had various hurdles. I always believe that the difficult times were motivational as I continued to struggle in disciplines such as chemistry and mathematics. However, I was happy to excel in various subjects. No matter how my twin brothers told me, I still was not prepared in some areas. Because I had read no books for advice, I was not prepared for such an experience and the feelings I encountered in high school. However, I leant various issues some of which I found most thrilling, difficult, and unbelievable, but they were also very crucial as they helped me understand that taking risks and being loyal to one’s self is very significant in our education.

Secondly, I felt the need of becoming a mentor to other students. This is because I believed that it is never good to settle for mediocre. In my experience, I found out that determination is the key to positive outcomes in school. Failures are part of our educational process and we must look into ways of improving on the outcome. Failures can shock, but looking back on failure are the best experiences of my life. This helped me to improve of my general performance and I ended up earning good grades such as A’s and B’s. I was a member of beta club, where I earned an academic honor and this acted as a motivational factor in my education. In high school coping with failures is the best motivational factor in education since everyone fails and succeeds.

Another area of prime importance in high school experience is risk taking. Before entering high school, most of the decisions are made by our parents and guardians. High school is the place where we are usually tempted to make biggest risks, but still capable to gather pieces. Another lesson I learnt while in high school was never to follow crowds and focus on our education. I also learnt how to be myself and stay away from the crowds.

In conclusion, it is important to put more effort on our undertakings. We must always be loyal and learn from failures. Although, there are various challenges encountered in high school, we must learn from the words of wisdom from our elders. As I sadly went through various instances, I learned a lot and it helped me in addressing various issues in my future education. I would, therefore, advice other students who are still in their high school: it is vital make good use of our time in school.

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