My Future Career in Music Essay Sample

My Future Career in Music

Music is my food for the soul in various aspects. This fact has been the contributing aspect of my desire to pursue a music career. My objective is to develop into an individual that has the professional capability of writing, recording, and producing music works. In addition, I desire to be of help to other people who are interested in music, especially to those who are talented, but do not know how to apply it. Being an international student from Morocco, I come from a society whereby the art of music has not been taken seriously. In fact, in Morocco, music is something that ispracticed as a hobby. In my four year course, I am convinced that I will have gained enough skills in the music sector. With these skills I will be able to convince my people back at home that, if taken seriously, music is a field that can potentially put food on the table. Music business can bring even more success than other conventional courses people get flooded in. The business of music being a technical course entails that a lot of aspects are involved. These include playing instruments and composing. This career creates new opportunities for all the talented individuals back in my country.

The blending of business of music with entertainment courses prepares an individual for a profession as a creative leader in any organization or as a businessperson via creating his or her own entertainment media business. One of the chief factors that attracted me to the business of music is the different skills in various fields that I will have acquired in the end of the course. They include tour managing, artist relations, artist management, music marketing and promotions, publicity assistance, advertising, production coordination, studio managing, publishing and distribution. Since I love music, I strongly believe that the mentioned skills will form a foundation for my future in the business of music.

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