My first vacation Essay Sample

My first vacation

I remember very well my first vacation and best vacation I have ever had was thanks giving holiday. My mother had always asked my father to take us to Kenya to see the wildlife, after my cousin came home with fascinating stories about wildlife animals in Kenya and the magical wild beast migration. My mother was so exited after my father ascertained that we were going to Kenya for our thanks giving trip. I was so excited, but what exited me most was the fact that I will brag to my cousin that i too had the same experience in Kenya as he did. Little did I know that this would be a trip to remember for the rest of my life.

Time drew near and we packed our belongings ready to leave. I remembered to carry my camera because I wanted to capture every site and all the wild animals that my cousin talked about. My mother helped me pack my belongings and when the day came I couldn’t wait to get there.

When we landed at the Moi international air port in Mombasa one of Kenya’s coastal town, I could not help staring at everything. I was fascinated by the residents’ warm welcome and their willingness to take us anywhere we wanted to go. I liked the way their children were left to walk by themselves as they play along the estate paths and wished I had the same freedom.

The first site we visited was the Vasco Da Gama monument in Kenya Coastal resort town of Malindi, which is a century’s old monument that attracts thousands of both domestic and foreign tourists annually, and it is located 150 off Mombasa urban. The second stop is what captured my attention. I had never seen a lion with my eyes and when I came across one I could not hide my joy and I almost filled my camera with its photo until the tour guide told me that we had plenty of animals to view and it would be advisable to save some photos.

The biggest attraction in Tsavo west Game Park was the Mzima spring. The spring with its crystal clear waters made of Alan Roots. There is a viewing space lined with glass walls and one can view the crocodiles and the hippos in their underwater lives as they pass by next to you.

There are two large pools that connect to the rush of rapids, and they are shaded by stands of raffia and dates. The hippo favors the wallow long pool while the crocodile are mostly found on the lower pool. It was a lifetime experience to walk round the two pools and watch the animals below a grass lining. If you are stealthy like I was, then you get a golden chance to see the animals quite clearly. The guides were so informative and they explained to us how the two animals coexist with one another. I dint want to leave the place but we had to visit other sites.

The hippos, seemed more settled in their usual routine, content to flounder and snort some few meters from the visitor’s path as they watch to their satisfaction. On our way back from the park I got to see more lions, elephants, buffalos and a number of gazelles.

On our way back I got to see some more lions and the guide explained the different between a male and a female lion which was news to me. The most remarkable experience was the chance of going round the pack with the hot air balloons. It was so fulfilling to watch the animals at a closer look.

When we left for Massai Mara I had high expectation and I was not disappointed. We were all overwhelmed to see the migration of wilder beast as they cross the Mara River to the neighboring Serengeti National park. This is an event that occurs every year at that particular season. There were so many visitors from other countries who had come specifically to see this wonder. There were more than half a million wilder beast crossing the river that particular day and what shocked me was that the crocodile on the other end were waiting to attack them. We watched with bated breath as the crocodiles jumped on their neck leaving them to struggle for their life. The migration did not take long and the crocodile were left feasting on the helpless dying wilder beasts. No one wanted to leave the site but we were told that the migration was going on for the next one month and most visitors were willing to hang around. Unfortunately for us, It was time to go back home.

When I got home I could not wait to show my cousins the picture I had from Kenya. It was a breath taking thanksgiving trip that I will always remember and treasure its memories. I am looking forward to visit Kenya once more.

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