My Father Essay Sample

My Father

There is no one who has impacted my life in a positive way than my father. Black curly hair, smooth forehead with a pointed nose and fair complexion are some of the external appearances that reveal his restrained strong will power. My father is a man of balanced personality with a mind full of sublime thoughts and a heart full of love and joy. He is a diligent and devoted teacher, who dazzles me with his knowledge, not only in certain specific subjects like science and mathematics, but also in every aspect of human life, such as mutual funds and automobile.

If I have to compare my father with another person in this world, I can only compare him to President Barrack Obama. Just like Obama, my father has been able to beat all odds to become successful both professionally and personally. Just like Obama, my father was able to overcome many barriers throughout his like to become a renowned teacher. For example, his ethic group is a minority in our native country, his family background is humble, but he overcame all this to become what he is today. Just like Obama, my dad is a diligent and devoted worker. He spends most of his free time in the wise company of open-minded and sagacious friends. His charming face, just like Obamas’ reveals his concealed fascinating manners. Because he is a renowned teacher, people come to him for guidance and advice. He is always ready to help the needy.

My father’s approach to politics is liberal. He is an advocate of fraternity and equality among different classes and races of society. He loathes both capitalism and communism as he holds that the two can never weed out hunger and evil from this world. He detests politicians who befool the electorate by exploring their economic condition and religious emotions. Since every human being is a blend of vices and virtues, my father is no exception. He too has some flaws. For example, he never hesitates to call a spade-a-spade due to his straight forward character. Sometimes, this habit put others in very awkward situations. I must say that I am proud to be the son of this all-round person.

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