My educational background Essay Sample

My educational background

This essay is a confirmation and a description of my interest in pursuing a medical career at the Institution of Literature, Science, and Arts. My choice has been driven by my proficient objectives in the hunt for and realization of opportunities around the globe in a career field where I can be able to apply the knowledge and skills that I have garnered over time.

My educational background and past professional experience have been one of the motivational factors in me pursuing this career. In addition I played a greater role in sporting during my schooling days of which made the school honor at higher levels. Since my sophomore year I have had the passion of studying or pursuing a medical career. In my learning process I have always been driven by the fascination over the human body and the manner in which injuries are treated.

As a high school student I had the opportunity of helping the sports trainer in treating various injuries obtained by our school team. I was a good student in mathematics and that also would really help me as I know that the subject is fundamental in all aspects in pursuing any course at Michigan University. Arithmetic is among the more esoteric subjects of study in our ethnicity. This in turn motivated my passion the medical career. I carried several injury treatments on our sports team and did well in carrying out diagnosis of injuries especially taping ankles, but later I began consulting local physicians which I found really interesting (Schmidt, 2003).

The reason of my interest in this particular field is due to the fact that I am interested in ensuring the betterment of the society at large. The fact that I will be in a position to offer help to other people in the society with my career makes it that much more appealing. I am sure that in pursuing a medical career at the University of Michigan I would receive the best education possible to prepare me for medical school (Swink, 2003). Therefore Michigan University deem fit because I believe this is the best place where I can garner more information and knowledge in my field of interest. Good communication skills and vast travelling opportunities and meeting with various linguistics groups has made me to be conversant with foreign languages and has totally changed my life. The career skills and knowledge is my driving factor, and I believe that through this anyone can achieve the best. Furthermore, unlike the stretchy organization of individualized review utilized by the Medical School, the University of Michigan’s School of Literature, Science, and Arts, (LSA) based admission decisions on the perfunctory obligation of points for student accomplishment and individuality (Ann Arbor, 2003).

The above skills as well as experience have created a greater desire to make contribution in this essential field. I remain open minded and willing to help the institution to be a better place for other learners and me as well given a chance to pursue this program. Finally, if institutions are going to rely on the diversity argument to use race as a factor in admission, they must design a process that is flexible, uses individualized assessment, has all applicants competing for spaces, and uses all of those qualities, including race, that aid in achieving diversity.

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