Mission Statement Essay Sample

Mission Statement

I want to become more self-aware to interpret my thoughts and feelings, realize my potential and make right decisions. In addition, I need to start thinking positively and become more oriented for the overall success. Actually, I am a hard-working, honest and organized, energetic and productive person, thus I will succeed in becoming more proficient, confident and humanized. I want to be dedicated to my business and committed in my decision to be respected by other people. I want to be more efficient in team work to be accepted as a resourceful, creative, adaptable, spontaneous, reliable and caring team-member.

I have a strong desire to become a prominent businessperson in the Unites States hotel industry. My wish is making a profit from high standard services, innovations and a strong brand image of my business. To achieve this, I need to set my own business to become a top decision maker, who will be responsible for developing a company’s strategy in accordance with my own vision. I will advocate the environmental sustainability and green technologies because it is my main concern. Corporate culture will be based on trust, the highest standards, individual accountability and common responsibility. As a result, my company will have only self-discipline, responsible, high moral and customers-oriented employees who will be ready to work as a team. I will elaborate a rewarding bonus system to pay well for commitment and excellent performance. Positive thinking will be the key requirements for myself and my employees, because it is the most efficient way to eliminate any conflicts and maintain a good working atmosphere. Adaptability, integrity and loyalty make the team work more goal-oriented, constructive and pleasant. It is very important for team-members to respect each other’s opinion and able to work constructively. I also consider that honest people with a good sense of humor and excellent communication skills work more efficiently because they deliver any idea in a comprehensive way, and people trust them and feel comfortable in their presence.

Important relations in my life could be mainly strengthened by trust and respect. No healthy relations are possible when people are afraid to be open and discuss any issues. Respect and parity will be the basis for my business and family relation. Partners should give and take in equal proportions to keep the right balance in the relations. In case of any misunderstandings and even conflicts, people who respect each other can easily come to an amicable agreement in a civilized way through a constructive dialogue with no insults and loud voice. In addition , in my relations I will try to be a good listener to encourage people for speaking without any interruptions and I will ask questions at the right time.

My mission is to become successful, and it will considerably influence all aspects of my life. Firstly, on my way to success I will get some characteristics, which will be useful in all aspect of my life. For example, positive thinking will attract only positive people and events to my life. My employees and customers will be pleased by our working relations, and our communication will be easy and thankful. My wife and children will love me sincerely bringing joy and happiness. I will have friends with a good sense of humor who will be pleasant to communicate with and have fun. I will become generous and give some money for charity, and in particular I will build homes for poor families, orphans and disables children. In addition, my commitment to learning will extend my horizons, I will be learning new practices in green engineering and environment sustainability, and master meditation techniques

If I accomplish my goal I will become a self-sufficient, wealthy and happy person. I will be able to accept life as an adventure with my personal involvement. I will learn how to live in harmony with myself and the external environment and enjoy every day of my life with big gratitude. My money will be used for my family needs, charity and the modern eco-technologies. My concept is making the world better through my individual perfection.

To reach my goal, I need to become more self-disciplined and use my intrinsic motivation for diligent study in college and entering the higher educational establishment, In addition, I will start learning best practices in the hotel business reading the specialized magazines to think over my business plan. Further, I need to attend a positive thinking course and start doing yoga. Finally, book, videos and blogs devoted to personal development, human relation and team-building issues will be very beneficial for me.

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