Independent Reading Response Essay Essay Sample

Independent Reading Response Essay

The fictional book titled holes by Louis Sachar (pg 1-25), presents the story of a boy Stanley Yelnats who although not guilty has been convicted (because of proper representation by a lawyer in court) and referred to the camp green lake juvenile correctional facility. This is beside the fact that he is allowed to make a choice between jail and camp green lake without availing crucial information about “the camp”. As far as juvenile correction is concerned is it in the quest for justice to sentence an individual to a correctional facility that is different from the normal correctional facilities without providing him/her with the necessary details.

Throughout from the second chapter of the book our attention is brought to how unaware the juvenile convict was of what camp green lake is all about. Particularly with the way the name of the correctional facility is used it creates a wrong impression to anyone who has never been to the facility before. Stanley even entertains the idea of swimming in the lake and making friends (Sachar pg 7). The judge offered Stanley walnuts a choice between jail and camp green lake. Because of the background of Stanley, he hailed from humble backgrounds, he had not experienced the thrill of a camp before and this had led even to Stanley and his family believing that he was going to a camp for some while (Sachar pg 5).

Attempts by Stanley’s parents to establish what camp green lake was all about fell on deaf ears. This is indicated by the judge claiming that the opening in camp green lake was available and since vacancies in this facility do not last long, they needed to decide quickly (Sachar, pg 25). Camp green lake is inhabited by rattle snakes, scorpions and yellow-spotted lizards which pose potential threats to campers particularly the yellow-spotted lizard whose bite that have the consequence of death. Upon arrival the driver told Stanley that he was welcomed to camp green lake, but Stanley could not see a lake. When Stanley, the guard and the driver alighted at camp green lake, the driver told Stanley to be careful but since Stanley was not aware of these threats and thus he was not sure why the driver was telling him so (Sachar, pg 11).

The nature of the crime itself and the fact that the judge did not take any notice that the accused had no representation in court did not in any way deserve the kind of ruling that Stanley received. The parents since they could not afford the services of a lawyer asked Stanley to say the truth, but since he was a kid and in a situation that is compromising, Stanley was tense and could not present the truth as it would have been if he would have had appropriate representation (Sachar, pg 25).

The citation from the book presented above clearly indicate that Stanley was not aware of where he was going and he pictured in his mind a completely different setting from the one that he was presented with. This may largely be blamed on the fact that he had no court representation. However, our attention is focused on the hurried nature in which the judge compelled the parents to make a decision on the correction facility that Stanley was to attend. This brings our attention as to how committed the justice system is in the quest for justice contradicted by the sentencing of an individual to a correctional facility different from the normal correctional facilities without providing him/her with the necessary details.

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