How Music affects the society Essay Sample

How Music affects the society

Music is a type of art whose means is sound and therefore it is generally recognized as an art that shakes the soul. Music is composed of rhythm, dynamics, pitch and sonic values of character and feel. It can be employed as a source of leisure whereby the society responds to it by dancing and singing along side even though there is a lot to it that many people are not aware of. Music is said to be cure of the heart and make individuals forget their troubles and at the same time it can be used to remind one about his past happenings or worries. It therefore irritates memories whether bad or good as most songs are endorsed to certain moments or incidents in one’s life in a manner that whenever they listen to the song, they remember a certain incident. At times, music can stimulate pleasure, relaxation, monotony or dullness, celebration, pride sexuality and even anger.

Individuals from around the world have used music as an expression of their various cultures. Research advocates that various cultures around the world have at all times put a centre of attention on their own unique instruments and special techniques of playing them. However much music may have varied in different regions of the world, it seems to have had a particular regular reason which was to bring people in the society together.

It is not shocking that music was extensively used in churches and religious festivals all over the world. The community participation in every type of culture has resulted into music develop in such a way it is special to each other. In addition, as the cultures all over the world come into a close contact, they have a natural influence on each other, for instance, bluegrass music from the United States which is a mixture of Scottish, Irish, German and African-American instrument-playing and singing.

The attribute of community has been so profoundly entangled with music. The more the societies become modernized, the more the individuals shift away from ethnic tools and the simple ways of playing them. As technology becomes more developed with digital and portable audio solutions, people can listen to compound sound recordings in an entire isolation at any given time and place. In current days people decide to listen to a huge range of styles or to centre of one type basing on the musical traits that appeal to them as individuals. Pop culture’s likes in music can also be influenced by media such as television and radio.

The folk music that came out during the 20th century, mostly the increase of famous folk music of the 1960’s, is possibly the best instance of music that affects the society. It is the music performed and sung naturally everyday by people or rather it was seen as music for the masses. It was a process through which people could express their protest and later opened the masses’ eyes and motivated them to respond. As a matter of fact, a culture naturally becomes aware of fundamental changes that alertness gives way through expression. For instance, Woody Guthrie, a folk singer and songwriter started writing complain music and songs promoting popular movements of the day and other folk singers like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan did the same. This shows that music can plainly affect people’s reasoning and make them take suitable responses no matter how positive or negative they may be.

At first, music was a medium of expression and also a method to activate and motivate listeners to think in different ways and respond. It characteristically symbolized impractical thinking, avoiding capitalism and material soothing. In the United States, people mostly the young people, had revealed a series of favorable reactions to this type of music.

There was a common style towards personality, freedom and expression in the 1950’s tidy fashionable image which included moving from the sterile.There was general influence especially on the moral code, the natural cloths and woven clothes became a fashion, youths became clearer about their experimentation of drugs and sex and there was a general denial of authority structures and power. There was a huge and lasting change on the American society.

However, the pop folk music has died away of the public interest since the disorderly times of the 60’s and 70’s. Basing on the complicated mass communication systems, the pop culture has become more educated by the internet and movies, television and radio. In addition, advanced knowledge is giving allowance current urban subcultures that have their own special approaches of music, expression and life values. Today, society is still affected by music and the influences happen in a more compound, variety and at times delicate ways that are not possible to weigh or describe.

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When it comes to music positive reception, it differs from one individual to another, from a place to another or culture to culture. One’s respond to music is powerfully influenced by what he or she is used to and his or her understanding of what is being communicated in the song. It can be a method of communication where one really listens to the lyrics and gets to know what is put across in the song or may be just a gathering of sounds put together to create a rhythm. In this case, we can consider and translate the sounds made by early birds as music as its two main elements are rhythm and melody. It is only that the rhythm is improved by the instruments nature.

Despite music having effects which may be negative, it also has its advantages that are useful to society’s lives. For instance, in modern days, music is used in hospitals. It is said and believed to ease the pain particularly during the pains of labor and surgery. It is also calms the mentally crippled cases. Music should therefore be viewed positively in the societies.

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