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How I Learn Best

The world appears to a person in the form of images, sounds and sensations. Consequently, in order to know the world, a person sees, hears and feels. At the stage of information culture of each student to the emerging information society is one of the most important tasks of training and education. Educational process is the process of perception and assimilation of the information provided. However, the question of why some can grasp this information easily, others cannot remember even after several repetitions is the pertaining one (Sadler-Smith, 2006). In order to build the educational process for all groups of individuals, there should be distinguished and sorted every learning style, or they should be in a good blend with each other. Studying is basically a process of perception and assimilation of the information provided. One possible way to deal with it is the account of the organization of the educational process according to the leading channels of students’ perception (Reid, 2005). People who prefer to receive the information with the help of listening can hear what is said by others, but do not have such vivid pictures. To get the information correctly they need to hear it first. They are not so successful in the education system, because they can hear one thing at a given time, so they do not see immediate visions of what was said or what they say. Kinesthetic do not see what is shown to them, and do not clearly hear. They feel things. When it comes to exams and tests, they remember a little (Sims, 1995). Read/write is the one most common way of learning for the people after 25 years of age for the certain reasons. Tests show that most of the people around the world belong to multimodal way of accepting information.

Each student is characterized by his or her personal way of understanding things, explaining his or her personal ideas to others, especially teachers and group mates during the debates or discussions. The specific attitude to study process also has its influence and, what is more, individual learning style can be the major point that determines the level of success at any educational establishment. The major learning style for a student is aural and this means that for achieving good results in studying, there is a strong need to listen and communicate with other students or teachers. There is also a need of discussing the new learned material with some important details, facts or terms and strategies to make them sink into the student’s mind the best way possible. Some things that were said by a professor or instructor during the lecture will be remembered thanks to the special intonation that was characteristic to that piece of information.

However, it is not that easy to study with such learning style as a leading one. Writing tasks are difficult for such students, as well as remembering the information that was given in pictures and schemes and was neither explained, nor discussed during its representation, so that the visual image does not leave any remarkable signs to remember by. Nevertheless, watching educational video produces the most effective results and the information becomes remembered easily. Such students also prefer listening to the taped lectures and speak to their friends a lot, discussing things and making sure that the way they understood the material is the right one. There are several specific strategies that help students to feel confident during the study and make sure that the information goes into their minds the best possible way.

The preferred learning strategies of a student includes listening to a professor during the lecture and making some notes, however, an ideal lecture for this student is an interesting lecture that is possible to listen only without making any notes. While working on a new material, it is better to draw a scheme and make all parts of it interdependent, so that each next idea was a subsequent event or result of a previous one. However, if a bright thematic picture is given without any information or detailed explanation of the main positions of its key points, there is no guarantee that such information or any other but given in such way will be remembered by a student with such characteristic learning style.

Before the examination the most effective way to read is to make short notes and practice speaking the topics out to other students or to relatives and make sure they understood correctly the idea that was intended to be rendered by a student as an answer to the particular exam question. This student likes to talk a lot and even talks to himself and prefers to understand any new material, when somebody explains it to him or her with gesticulation and with the help of emotionally colored intonations. Various video lectures are also important because they develop the visual style along with the aural one. This happens because video images appear together with the sound waves and are automatically understood and remembered by a student. These are the most important preferred strategies in learning new material for this student during the period of studying at high school, college or university.

By way of comparing the student’s preferred learning strategies in order to those that are suggested after identification of a leading learning style, it is possible to say that there are some significant details that can change the whole process of apprehending new information. Some of these strategies are the same as those that the student pointed out as the most effective strategies for him during the study. Attending all the classes and sessions, participate in discussions and visit tutorials are the most favorite student’s strategies that help to learn effectively and easily. Though discussing topics with others is not possible regularly, this point may be changed. The practice of explaining new ideas from class to other people, who do not know anything about the topic and then asking them about the information that sank into their minds and see the result can become one of the most effective ways of learning new material and checking the understanding of it.

One of the most interesting methodologies is using a tape recorder that will be very effective and interesting for a student with aural style of perception. Another option is remembering some interesting topics, jokes or real life stories to make visual side of the memory to work for the general image of the apprehended information. In order to make notes more distinct, it is possible to use a methodology of leaving some space for the cases when the information will be recalled later. To summarize the general information, it is necessary to point out that all the information should be either listened to from other people or be presented and explained by a student to them. Getting ready for the exams may become easier if start using taping of the notes and listening to them. Answering the questions and acting out the examination can surely give some positive results for the student.

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However, there are certain changes that need to be made in order to rebuild the student’s way of learning. All the new strategies will bring positive changes to the process of learning in general. For example, audio taping of a lecture will make easier getting ready for the exam for this particular student’s learning style. There are changes to discussions as well that are meant to turn the person from a silent listener during the class discussion to a talkative one. Explaining things to others will train the speaking style of a person and improve the patience to make sure that the topic is understood by the person, who does not have a slightest idea of a topic under discussion. It is quite natural that the students, no matter what category of perception they belong to, use other senses too, which are also to be developed. After all, it does not matter how well developed certain channels of perception are, the success of learning, the ability of a learner is based on his ability to communicate and express his or her thoughts and ideas, giving argumentations to certain points of view and defend them during debates and discussions.

In general, changing of the studying techniques will lead to certainly positive and productive results. All the new strategies will make the whole process of studying and understanding new material easier and brighter with better results in the exams. At the same time, a level of development can be different because most people use a variety of channels of perception. It can be visual by nature, and it does not mean that the other four senses do not function at all (Reid, 2005). They can and should be developed. The more channels are open to the perception of the information, the more efficient will be the process of learning.

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