How can I be Successful Essay Sample

How can I be Successful

It is believed that successful students are naturally born that way. While this might be true, a vast majority of students attribute their success to hard work and sheer determination. I must admit that I am among those who strive to achieve success through hard work and determination. I intend to take four elective subjects so that I can complete my course program in time. While this program will be an overload, I will complete the courses not just in time, but also pass with flying colors.

I intend to achieve this success by managing my time wisely. Considering that I still live with my parents, I have juggle between school, family obligations and leisure time. I will allocate each of the above subjects one hour each (after school). Considering that I will also have assignments in other subjects as well, I will ensure that I complete them first before embarking on the mentioned schedule. I will ensure that I avoid the number one curse for students, which is procrastinating. To avoid procrastinating, I will delegate some tasks when needed. This will ensure that I dedicate enough time on studying.

I am aware that two heads are better than one, and I intend to capitalize on this to the maximum by studying in groups. By joining and participating effectively in study groups, I stand to benefit because other students will help me understand a concept when I am struggling. Moreover, a study group will ensure that I help others, and at the same time, internalize the subject mater. A study group will also help me in completing my assignments in time. I will also maintain contact with my instructors and school counselor so that they can help me academically whenever I need their help.

Finally, I intend to become successful by making a habit of reviewing my notes and other class materials whenever I have time, especially over the weekends. I am aware that successful students often review what they have learned during the week during their free time. Byu doing this, I will be well prepared to continue learning new concepts and ideas at the start of every week.

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