Graduate Admission Essay Essay Sample

Graduate Admission Essay

Ever since my early days, I have noticed in myself compassion and an inborn desire to help others. I was a child who sheltered every lost cat or dog I came across. Probably, the most essential impact which has shaped the person that I am nowadays is my upbringing in a traditional family-oriented culture. My relatives have been a vital source of support in all decisions I have made. When I was growing up, I always had someone to help me with school work, because my mother values education very much. She would hire tutors to help me with my education. Today, I want to help not only myself but also my family to have a better future. At the same time, not only do I attempt to do things for other people, but I push myself to be the best that I can become in all facets of my life. I know that education can open up many doors and opportunities. That is why I will try hard to do well during the Special Education program.

Today, I realize that I have this bond inside of me which links me with children. I am touched as they describe their own experiences in life and plans for the future. They may be really young, but the position they are building in the social order is solid. I took up the undergraduate education at St. Thomas University, and I found home in psychology. Psychology moved me towards my goals and presented me with the finest type of learning. Today I know how to get on the right side of children with different characters and personalities. I became optimistic and evolved a totally dissimilar sense of endurance. To succeed in my endeavors toward teaching, I realize that the master's degree in the field of Special Education is crucial.

By getting a master’s degree in Special Education, I want to be better equipped to teach in the classroom. The Special Education program will also allow me to better understand and meet my students’ needs. Throughout my educational experience I have had some great teachers who have impacted me greatly, and it is because of their passion for teaching that I have decided to go into the teaching profession myself. As a teacher I hope to provide my students with the same level of passion for learning new things as my teachers have done for me in the past. As an undergraduate student, my graduating G.P.A. is a 2.5. As a master student, I have to prove myself that I have the capacity to be a great student by maintaining a perfect G.P.A. of a 4.0 average. Finally, I want to be a positive example for my family since I am the first one to go to college. I would like my sisters to see me as role model that they can look up to.

To be a successful teacher, I admit the significance of an advanced degree. I have obtained lots of the "real world" experiences during the school years. Life in campus while attending St. Thomas University provided me with social skills which I was seriously lacking of. However, I need additional training in the basics of physiology as well as the direction in developing my analytical skills. While obtaining the master’s degree, I will have the opportunity to fully understand and appreciate the field of Special Education.

Through the Masters Program at St. Bank University, I plan to become better equipped to help students thrive to their highest potential. One day, I hope to help my first country of nationality (Haiti) by volunteering as a teacher for the financially disadvantaged students. I plan to open my own organization, which I hope will be able to provide the young people of Haiti with a better future after several years of natural disasters.

I personally picked St. Bank University where I will take up the Special Education. This is in reply to the increasing quantity of special children admitted in the school. These youngsters need the best educators to offer them scrupulous attention and educate them what they need to know. St. Bank University is known as one of the finest schools in providing educational training. The program is well-known due to its grand status. To be a part of St. Bank University is one of my dreams, and I will not waste the opportunity to grab this chance.

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