Grade Change Essay Sample

Grade Change

Request for Grade Change

I am writing to you as my professor to appeal for a grade change. According to the results that I received, I scored a grade D. I believe that more than anybody else, you understand the consequence of scoring such a grade is that I will not be able to graduate. I kindly request you to review my work and elevate my score to a higher grade most preferably a C-. I accept that my work does not deserve an excellent grade but I request you to find it in your heart to review it. I have a strong conviction that I deserve a grade C- which will be instrumental to my graduation.

 It is imperative that you understand that I am not in any way questioning your integrity, or your credibility and neither am I putting your competence in doubt. My submission is to have you to accept to review my work and I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that you will me award me a higher grade. I am doing this with all due respect to your work ethics, experience and professionalism with which you have prudently guided us through this academic journey till our final destination (graduation). It is at this point that I am hoping that my request is not too much to ask from a kind hearted and considerate individual like you.

My rationale is spelt out clearly and I am looking forward to your positive response. Your decision entirely has an impact on the course that my life will take. It is with a lot of respect and reverence that I look up to you, a person in the capacity to determine another’s future by the stroke of your pen. It is in your power to determine whether I will graduate or not and it is my sincere hope that you will consider my plea. Once more I would like to express my profound gratitude for taking your time to read this letter and thank you for your understanding. Thank you very much.

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