Global citizenship Essay Sample

Global citizenship

The term citizen is dated back from the time of Ancient Greeks. The citizen was a person who was playing a role in advantage of the Greek society. In this regard, the term Global citizenship, though a new term, refers to anyone who works to make the w world better through playing a vital role of making other people living better through not destroying the environment and other issues that affect the human life.

The concept of Global citizen applies to the concept of citizenship at a global level and is strongly connected to the factor of globalization and cosmopolitanism. There are two related but different in application, the World citizenship and Global citizenship. In most cases the two concepts are merged. The Global citizenship deals mostly on ethics and moral disposition that guide in understanding of individuals and groups in global context and reminding them of their responsibilities within their respective and global community.

According to the current status of global citizenship, there are a lot of issues that are happening in the global citizenship. Most of the people are less concerned unto what is happening to their neighbors and how they affect them through what they are doing. The globalization has really affected different communities globally. As far as am concerned, in the 15 years to come, there will be a lot that will have happened to the concept of the global citizenship. There have been dramatically climate changes which have influenced take of actions to address issues that are brought forth by it. In this regard, it will be much different from what it is now. All life will be affected and could fatal to human existence.

To address the issues of global citizenship, am acting activist through informing others in the community how importance it is by becoming a better global citizen and also how they can make the world a better place for them and for others.

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