File Sharing Should be Legal Essay Sample

File Sharing Should be Legal

File sharing is the process of uploading files to the web so that they can be downloaded and played. File sharing depend on the use of file sharing programs, which are not in and of themselves illegal; however, using file sharing programs to bypass legal acquisition of and access to copyrighted materials is illegal(Gitush,1997). If exclusive rights owners do not make their music accessible to others free of charge, downloading as part of a promotion, for example, or do not give you explicit permission to copy, distribute, and use their copyrighted music or movies and/or you do not buy or pay a fee to download, copy, distribute, and use the music or movie, chances are good that you’re breaking the law (Wangui, 2003). In fact, there is no much difference from stealing a CD from a shop.

File sharing should be legal since real musicians make music not considering of whether they get paid or not. Music is all about art and talent. The more copies an artist has out there, the more his/her name is out there. The more the name is out there, the better possibility he/she have to sell future products. Why should an artist need to earn income from music? Music should be done as a culture. People should write music not because they want to get payed, but because they like and love music.

A research conducted by the British independent poll concluded that the individuals who do the most unlawful downloading also purchase the most music. This is in line with many other researches elsewhere and is simple to understand: persons who are music super fans do more of the whole lot to do with music. they see more live shows, listen to more radio, buy more CDs, buy more bootlegs of live shows, buy more t-shirts, talk about music more, do more downloading (Angua,1993).

With respect to copyrights, profits for the artists/designers and personal use, I believe the artists and software designer are entitled to make money and even a great deal of it for their work, but I shouldn't feel like a criminal if I want to make a duplicate copy of something for my car or second computer(Oyori,2000). I suppose that when we buy anything, we posses it. The computer doesn't possess it, nor does my CD player. I possess it. Musicians and producers ought to allow for this in their returns and losses. And if my relatives want a copy, I ought to give them too. I am not pirating the music and dispensing to continual people and most importantly I am not generating any income off from it. For that reason, there is no reason for being considered a criminal except mass distributing is done. On the other hand some individuals want original copies for customer shore up or pride. And future works by these artists may be bought directly by the individuals who received a free copy.

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