Experiencing Your Senses Essay Sample

Experiencing Your Senses

Human life is full of daily routine, noise and troubles. Man’s life is unique and usual, happy and sad; it is filled with fabulous adventures and severe struggles. There are millions of people in the whole world and each of them has his or her own path, which is waiting to be lived with dignity. Man very often wants to scream, “Life! Stop for a while.” However, it is impossible, and every day men and women running somewhere without thinking about living on this planet and the surrounding world. That is why it is important to give the soul and body a rest. It could be done by spending fifteen or twenty minutes in a natural place with closed eyes. People need to give attention to little things in life while thinking about something that they did not ever notice.

I have extremely active life: athletics, school routing, homework and helping in the house. Nevertheless, my business does not forbid me to spend a couple minutes in rest and peace. Sometimes, when my life is burdened with chores, I like to get away from my home and sit on the green grass somewhere far from my neighborhood. I take with myself a couple of peaches and ride away to hear and do feel everything that happens around. I silence my cell phone and leave all unnecessary electronic equipment at home. When I get to my favorite place, which is situated on the outskirt of the city, I bit a peach, close my eyes and plunge into the world of silence; nothing could disturb me. This world is different from ours. It is quiet and gentle. I feel as warm hands hug me and my consciousness replies in a whisper and gets me away from the desperate thoughts. Sweet taste of the peach penetrate within my body, and I almost feel how the drops of juice slowly flow down, irritating my taste sensory. I enjoy this feeling: complete freedom and relaxation.

I feel a smell of green and fresh gross, which is not affected by human hand. This smell reminds me my childhood and merry days, when I carelessly observed songbirds or little grey squirrel that was stealing berries from the tiny table on the back yard. At this moment, my somatosensory system is incredibly sensitive and impressionable. My skin strains: I felt that something small was stirring on my hand. However, I did not open my eyes; no person or sound can interrupt my meditation. I felt like little chela crept up on my hand, and it was tantalizing feeling. My imagination immediately drown silhouette of intrusive ladybug or fussy emmet that was searching of something new and unknown. A fresh wind blow from the east, it was as a reminding of happy summer days, spent on the sea shore. And suddenly this feeling was gone. My tiny guests were frightened by the singing of a bird. Its song was charming and melodic, and I wanted to open my eyes to see this fabulous artist, but I did not yield to the temptation. My weary soul continued enjoying these magic notes of foreign melody.

This experience was different from my daily routine. The feeling of placidity allowed me to think about my being, mentioning some moments of my life. I devoted my consciousness fully to the sitting on the green gross with a peach in my hand and relaxing all my sensations. It is worth noticing that it was unusual, I found myself in the unknown world of the feeling, touch, smell, taste and hearing. It was like discovery of myself and my own world within my consciousness. My whole body was relaxed, and I did not want to come back to busy streets, barking dogs, school and chores. When I opened my eyes the world surrounding me was not the same: I noticed the beauty of the nature and was cleansed of life’s troubles, quarrels. I had overlooked that each day people passed by a lot of interesting and obscure things. I did not expect to notice the fact that man is always running forward despite stop and live.

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