Dreams in Everyone's Life Essay Sample

Dreams in Everyone

The dream is a cherished wish in the life of every man which defines the imagination and prospect of human life and activity. Every person has a dream which usually exists in the form of ideal or goal in life that makes people struggle for it. It is based on the vital needs that cause human desires and aspirations. People always try to hold their dreams tightly, to protect them from the encroachments of others believing that life without a dream becomes trivial and even meaningless.

Everyone should have a dream as it plays a significant role in the human life. First of all, the dream gives us the strength which can be only compared with inspiration. The desired dream gives wings and forces humans to fly. The dream does not allow wasting one’s life as it always makes people find new opportunities, which can later lead to the personal growth. In this case, the dream can be defined as personal development engine which stimulates individuals for permanent self-perfection. As it often happens, people may have extraordinary abilities, talents, and brilliant intellect but the lack of dreams can easily waste all these. Only the big and real dream can lead people to great achievements, allowing to develop their talents and abilities.

The constant desire makes people successful and forces them to strive for the new goals achievement. It also gives an inspiration and motivates the person to take an active life position. People who have a passion for their dreams can easily infect others by motivating and inspiring them. The dream has a magic property to instill a tremendous faith and strength to the person which also has a great impact on the people around. Knowing that somebody has a dream can help to make the correct decision and not to be afraid to take the possible risk. A person without a dream will no longer have the most powerful motives that give birth to the culture, art, science, and evoke the desire to fight in the name of a wonderful future.

The dream is more than just material thing because it is something worth to live for. It works as a strong incitement to everyday activity and gives the feeling of the sense of life. People are often fascinated with dreams and never think whether they are appropriate or not. For example, someone dreams to have a heap of money while the others desire to get an agile mind and build up an excellent career. In any case, dreams are always something unearthly and an excellent way to abstract from everyday problems and troubles for a while. They are not an escape from reality but only means to approach it. Dreams always adjust people to the new "wave of life" so they will never be misplaced. They help one not to dwell in the hard times as everyone’s way to the top is quite complicated. A man with a dream is always focused on the result and opportunities that will appear in the future. The absence of a dream makes one to surrender rather than to overcome possible difficulties, which proves that dream is a vital necessity.

Thus, dreams are of great importance in the human life as they link human imagination with its needs, feelings, and aspirations. People without a dream, even if it is a pipedream, seem to be disadvantaged which can be also compared to those who are devoid of a sense of humor. After all, the ability to dream and to fantasize plays an important role in human life. Dreams and only dreams can support people in hard times as they help one to believe in himself. The presence of a dream gives strength to endure troubles, hurt and prevents from getting bogged down in daily routine. It proves that the desired dream makes it possible to prolongate happy moments of the human life and is considered to be a key to longevity.

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